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Fairest of them All (Michaelmas, 2015)

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Once upon a time, there was a magical forest complete with wizard, witch, and horrible monsters. Follow the story of Little Red Riding Hood as she prepares to do battle with the Big Bad Wolf (and her inner demons); follow the tale of the increasingly dubiously named Prince Charming as he attempts to find a wife; and follow the Fairy Godmother as she trains some new recruits in the art of wish-fulfilment. Featuring Snow White and the less than Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty and the nationwide Health and Safety epidemic, Rapunzel and the inappropriate tower ascension methods and many more.


The Wolf Slaying Posse

  • Little Red Riding Hood - Elle “RAAARRRRGGGGHHH” Mawson
  • Little Blue Riding Hood - Georgie “Big Bad Butthead” Atton (Somerville)
  • Wizard - Branoc “#prophecy“ Richards (Magdalen)

The Wolf Gang

  • Big Bad Wolf - Jake “scratch my back” Griffiths (Brasenose)
  • Remus - Leo “Um, boss?” Tucker (Wadham)
  • Fenrir - Benedict “Other vicious things” George
  • Lupus (Mon, Thurs) - Jasper Rose “meaty” Russell (Merton)
  • Lupus (Tues) - Kiwi “delicious face” Apteryx-Tokoeka (Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters)

Prince Charming's Retinue

  • Prince Charming - Georgia “the arse counts as well” Nicholson (St Hugh's)
  • Humphrey - Iarla “how very dare you!” Manny
  • The Magic Mirror - Adriana “no results for blow right” Hanson (New College)

Princess Charming's Retinue

  • Princess Charming - Emily “pretty neat gal” Tench
  • Humphretta - Judith “I'll fetch the ladder” Moore (Balliol)

The Assorted Princesses

Magical Creatures

  • The Gingerbread Man - Sebastian “run, run as fast as you can” Fox (Mansfield)
  • Grumpy - Sebastian “piss off you irritating snack” Fox (Mansfield)
  • Sneezy - Kiwi “I'm thinking BDSM dungeon” Apteryx-Tokoeka (Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters)
  • Elf - Benjamin “Bureaucracy Ben” Kybett (Magdalen)

The Fairy Tutorial Group

  • Fairy Godmother - Beth “sexy, dark and brooding” Mabbutt (LMH)
  • Applepip - Tristan “comparative ethics” Cresswell (Sheffield)
  • Cherryblossom - Patrick “The horror! The horror!” Kidger (Magdalen)
  • Thistle-Leaf - Sofia “I REALLY like doing magic” Gomezllata (St Anne's))

Citizens of the Magic Forest

  • Lumberjack - Brigitte “I'm a lumberjack” Stenhouse (Somerville)
  • Edna Ville-Wytch - Katie “turning it off and on again” Moore Magdalen
  • Jim, The Sheepboy - Katie “makes shepherding FUN!” Moore Magdalen

Scared Children

  • Hansel - Maria “oh, dear” Mateescu (Magdalen)
  • Gretal - Ana “troubled family” Pagu (St. Edmund Hall)




  • Narrator - James “see, I told you” Carter (Ex-Magdalen)


  • Director - Judith “NEPOTISM!” Moore (Balliol)
  • Assistant Director - Sebastian “Now we just have to deal with the stiff” Fox (Mansfield)
  • Writer #2 - Katie “I have had an idea” Moore (Magdalen)
  • Writer #1 - Benjamin “Oh no, not again” Kybett (Magdalen)
  • Stage Manager - Benjamin “Oh blimey, that's complicated” Kybett (Magdalen)
  • Producer - Katie “hashtag eft-oh-tee-ay” Moore (Magdalen)
  • Technical Director - Morgan “Evil wash” Wilkinson (Hertford) “Evil wash”
  • Technical Advisor - James “Just ask” Marsden (Corpus)


All music arranged and played by Cameron Alsop (St Catherine's) “I know what key I'm playing in”

  • The Big Bad Wolf Song - Katie “This was Ben’s idea” Moore (Magdalen) and Cameron “there is a fifth chord!” Alsop (St Catherine's)
  • I'm Red Riding Hood, Bitch - Judith “You can’t say balls!” Moore (Balliol) and Katie “Like Avril Lavigne but better” Moore (Magdalen)
  • Marry Me! (The Charming Song) - Cameron “how do you feel about 5/8?” Alsop (St Catherine's)
  • The Bark Is As Bad As The Bite - Judith “you make me happy in my soul tank” Moore (Balliol)
  • Blue in the Face - Judith “the right level of evil” Moore (Balliol)
  • Maybe Kinda Like You Sorta - Markus “Emily's mysterious friend” Beeken (Brasenose)
  • The Fairest of the All - Benjamin “Could we-” Kybett (Magdalen) and Judith “Ben. No.” Moore (Balliol)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Hero Brigitte Stenhouse (Somerville) for The Lumberjack
Best Heroine Elle Mawson for Little Red Riding Hood
Best Villain Jake Griffiths (Brasenose) for Big Bad Wolf
Best Double Act / Couple Georgia Nicholson (St Hugh's) and Iarla Manny for Prince Charming and Humphrey
Best Directing Team Judith Moore (Balliol) and Sebastian Fox (Mansfield)
Best Writer(s) Katie Moore (Magdalen) and Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen)
Best Song Judith Moore (Balliol) for Bark is as Bad as the Bite (Big Bad Wolf Song)
Best Costume Kiwi Apteryx-Tokoeka (Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters) and Laura Hankins (Magdalen) for Rapunzel's Wig
Best Worst Prop Perry Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield) for the Tiny Ladder
Best Best Prop Georgie Atton (Somerville) for all of the books
Best Ad-Lib Clemency Flitter for 'There must be so many seasons of Firefly! / What do you mean they cancelled it?!'
Best Quote During a Show Prince Charming for 'Ladies, please, don't fight over me. At least, not with our clothes on
Best Worst Line-Learner Branoc Richards (Magdalen)

Flosscars Nominations

Best Heroine Georgie Atton (Somerville) for Little Blue Riding Hood
Best Villain Jasper Rose Russell (Merton) for Lupus
Best Morally Ambiguous Person Beth Mabbutt (LMH) for Fairy Godmother
Best Double Act / Couple Elle Mawson and Georgie Atton (Somerville) for Little Red and Little Blue Riding Hoods
Elle Mawson and Branoc Richards (Magdalen) for Little Red Riding Hood and the Wizard
Emily Tench and Laura Hankins (Magdalen) for Princess Charming and Rapunzel
Best Song Katie Moore (Magdalen) for Red Riding Hood, Bitch
Markus Beeken (Brasenose) and Judith Moore (Balliol) for Maybe Kinda Like You Sorta
Cameron Alsop (St Catherine's) for Marry Me!
Best Costume Adrian Clayton (Hertford (Graduated)) for Fluffles
Patrick Kidger (Magdalen) for Cherryblossom
Beth Mabbutt (LMH) for Fairy Godmother
Best Worst Prop Judith Moore (Balliol) for the House of Straw(s)
Best Best Prop Tristan Cresswell (Sheffield), Sofia Gomezllata (St Anne's) and Patrick Kidger (Magdalen) for the Fairy Interns' Wands
Beth Mabbutt (LMH) for the Fairy Godmother's Wand
The Fairest of them All cast for the Towers
Best Cock-up Backstage or During Rehearsals Iarla Manny for throwing his script on the ground for dramatic effect and then realising he still needed it for his lines
Georgia Nicholson (St Hugh's) for losing Prince Charming's crown
Georgia Nicholson (St Hugh's) for 'My proposal knee is hurting'
Georgie Atton (Somerville) for 'I set it all up with the Boy Who Lived… I mean the Boy Who Cried Wolf!'
Best Ad-Lib Laura Hankins (Magdalen) for 'I can see from the front row of the audience where they are all excited to the back row where they are all like 'well it's okay but they'd better not try to get me involved''
Adrian Clayton (Hertford (Graduated)) for 'I always loved you!'
Iarla Manny for 'Is anyone here a princess? / No but maybe a Queen!'
Sebastian Fox (Mansfield) for 'Run, run, as fast as you can – it's a running gag!'
Laura Hankins (Magdalen) for 'It's not nice to mock people for being short'
Best Quote During a Show The Gingerbread Man for 'Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!'
Humphrey for 'Shall I fetch your panicking trousers, sir?'
Best Worst Line-Learner Adrian Clayton (Hertford (Graduated))
The 'Ooh you luvvie' Award for Actually Being Able to Act Jake Griffiths (Brasenose) for the Big Bad Wolf
Iarla Manny for Humphrey
Georgia Nicholson (St Hugh's) for Prince Charming
The 'Beyond the Call of Duty' Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty Katie Moore (Magdalen) for the advertising campaign
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