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The Three Musketeers (Trinity, 2002)


The Muskateers

  • D’Artagnon - Pete “Impudent pup!” Hawkins
  • Athos - Julia “He has the air of a gentleman” Short
  • Porthos - Andrea “Porthos by name, portly by nature” Watts
  • Aramis - Rhi “Ah, here is Aramis, who personifies grace and calm” Mogridge
  • Planchet - Lydia “A kiss is sweeter than wine.” “Not from Planchet” Menzies
  • Captain de Treville - Kate Broadhurst and James Needham

The Cardinal Guard

  • Cardinal Richlieu - Jhon “Bishops' moves are never straight forward” Polatch
  • Rochefort - Richard Owen (Lincoln) and C Howdle (Wadham)
  • Milady de Winter - Nicole “Hair like silky night and eyes to match” Gera
  • Captain of the Guard - Rakesh “You are not aware of the edicts on naked weapons?” Bungar
  • Cardinalists -

The Royal Household

  • Queen Anne - Rose “She is a woman before all others” Stanley (Balliol)
  • Constance Bonacieux - noga “Constance's beauty is like the moon” zivan (Wadham)
  • Jean Bonacieux - Elizabeth “Driven as the pure snow am I!” Baldwin (Wadham)
  • Lord Buckingham - Jenny “I'm rich, devilishly handsome and own Shropshire!” Fawson
  • Lord de Winter - Rose “Er… rah?” Stanley (Balliol)

The Best of the Rest

  • Ratner - Mike “He has a team of skilled Asian craftsmen!” Hallard (Queen's)
  • Wuffins - Mike Hallard (Queen's) and Rakesh Bungar
  • Prostitute - Duncan “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned” Coutts (Worcester)
  • Innkeeper - Julia “Quoi?” Short
  • Englishman - Julia “Qu'est-co que vous voulez?” Short
  • Jesuit Priest - Elizabeth “It is essential, brother Aramis, that your thesis is one of dogmatic character” Baldwin (Wadham)
  • Cleric - Rakesh “I am rather of the opinion that one should confront one's doubts with a more ideological thesis.” Bungar


  • Director - C Howdle (Wadham)
  • Fight Choreographer - Libby Payne
  • Costumes -
  • Advertising -
    • Andrea Watts
    • Kate Broadhurst
  • Script Adapted by - Menserrans, Marthews & Mercuria

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best heroPete for D'Argtanion

Flosscars Nominations

The “Ooh you lovey” award for actually being able to actPete for D'Argtanion
Best speechJulia for the “not me” speech
Best caricature of oneselfNicole for Milady
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