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Meeting Rooms and Managers (Trinity, 2021)

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We follow four tabletop players and their long suffering game master. As creatures of a mythological nature, used to dealing with elves and magic, the fantasy they concoct may seem a bit mundane. They play as four office workers, interns who are tasked to discover the hidden secrets of their new company and who might be trying to bring it down. Their task leads them to meeting a range of strange office workers, a secret group working within the company and finally the all powerful and all controlling CEO…

The show can be found on YouTube here


The DM

  • Vedmad - Nick “I don’t think I’m qualified for this” Richardson (Real Boy)


  • Akani - Bethan “I want to *play* him” Chalmers (St Hilda’s)
  • Lugeret - Fen “I need help judging thickness” Brunt (Mansfield)
  • Thiecka - Becky “□ know what I mean” Hicks (Oriel)
  • Evashtzaj - Eliza “That must have been a teeth problem” Niblett (Corpus Christi)


  • Sarah - Em “Bepsi max” Fawcett (Wadham)
  • Noah - Alice “Brandish the hole punch threateningly” Hackney (St John’s)
  • Liam - Charlie “Everyone does a little wiggle” Gill (Green Templeton)
  • Emma - Chloe “This meeting is being recorded” Pavey


  • Sir Bob - Branoc “Let’s sabotage some glands” Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
  • Ms Stanton - Ana “Disembodied ah ooh’s” Pagu (Linacre)
  • Janice - Ekin “Have lost all my pens” Pehlivan
  • Tanis - Sophie “Tennis Logo” Holland (St Hugh’s)


  • Jim - Will “I can do more gremlin” Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
  • Cathy - Maya “Destroy capitalism with your voice” Walker (St Anne’s)
  • Jessica - Jahnavi “Do you know something?” Bhatia

Human Resources

  • Peter - Jake “I need to say something funny” Caudwell (Magdalen)
  • Sophie - Lily “Immaculate vibes” Miles (Actual Adult)
  • William - Tom “Am I the problem?” Vallely (Somerville)


R + D

  • Simon - Fabian “Many screams” Bourdeaux (St Anne’s)
  • Tanya - Sophie “Thought Tanya was a typo” Holland (St Hugh’s)
  • Jane - Val “You’ll have to deal with my hum” Gladkova (Merton)


  • Director - Velina “I want to hear you howl” Robinson (Mansfield)
  • Assistant Director - Amy “Straight to murder” Hemsworth
  • Writer - Lily “Not funny enough for this” Miles (Actual Adult)
  • Head Editors
    • Charlie “Birthed from Central Vedmad” Gill (Green Templeton)
    • Will “I've got Vedmad Fluids” Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
  • Assistant Editors
    • Fen “You can't run on Zoon!?!?” Brunt (Mansfield)
    • Branoc “For all of our sanity” Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
  • Musical Director - Tom “Social Sexy Sub” Vallely (Somerville)
  • Production Manager - Branoc “Sent on behalf of Velina” Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
  • Marketing Manager - Lily “Return of the LilyPoster” Miles (Actual Adult)
  • Marketing Assistant - Aleksandra “Send Memes” Matkowska (Keble)


  • Can you Roll me?
    • Lyrics: Tom “See gesture in drive” Vallely (Somerville)
    • Music:
  • What a Way to Make a Living
    • Lyrics:
    • Music: Country Instrumental Music Volume II (2009)
    • Music Factory Entertainment Group Ltd
  • The Sneaking Song
    • Lyrics and Music: Lily “Literally Bleeding for this Show” Miles (Actual Adult)
  • Money is the Mojo that I Need
    • Lyrics and Music: Emma and Peter “We don’t even go here!” New
  • Betrayal Blues
    • Lyrics:
      • Bethan “Mainly just vibing to Olivia” Chalmers (St Hilda’s)
      • Tom “Olivia Newton John is a goddess” Vallely (Somerville)
    • Music: Sing King Karaoke
  • I’ll be there for you
    • Lyrics, Music, and Backing Vocals: Maya “Yes, I’m bullying the villain” Walker (St Anne’s)
    • Additional Lyrics: Branoc “Fishy Thwack” Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
  • Final Song



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