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Fabian Bourdeaux

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • St Anne's since 2020

Family Tree


Michaelmas 2020Cinderella The MusicalMitchel Rouge
Trinity 2021Meeting Rooms and ManagersSimon
Michaelmas 2021A Christmas CaroleGhosts of Holidays Present
Hilary 2022 RumpelstiltskinKian
Musical Director
Trinity 2022 Midsummer Night's Fever Dream Rowan
Michaelmas 2022Macbeth: The MusicalPrivate Giggler
Music Director
Hilary 2023Whodunnit?Dorothy
Assistant Music Director
Trinity 2023Knights, Camera, Action!Guitarist


A Christmas Carole

  • We're Going to Have a Great Christmas


  • Lessons That We've Learned

Midsummer Night's Fever Dream

  • Everything In Summer Has To End
  • Midsummer Love

Macbeth: The Musical

  • The Guard Song
  • The Murder Song


  • The Final Song

Knights, Camera, Action!

  • Morgeuse in the Heuse
  • All Triangles are Love Triangles if you Love Triangles

Flosscar Wins

2023•Best Couple - Lady Harvington and Dorothy (Whodunnit?)
•Best Costume - Dorothy (Whodunnit?)
•Best Ad-Lib - “I am the throat goat” (Whodunnit?)
•Best Audience Participation - Fabian giving out the numbers (Whodunnit?)

Flosscar Nominations

2021•Best Group/Double Act for The Chefs (Cinderella The Musical)
•Best Spurious Accent for Mitchel le Rouge (Cinderella The Musical)
•Best Worst Prop for The Chef's Kitchen Utensil Microphones (Cinderella The Musical)
•Best Best Prop for The Chef's Cheffing Implements (Cinderella The Musical)
2022A Christmas Carole:
*Best Heroic Character for Holidays Present
*Best Morally Ambiguous Character for Holidays Present
*Best Group/Double Act for Holiday ghosts
*Best Costume for Holiday Present
*Best Best Prop for Holiday Present's carrots
*Best Programme Quote for “I'll just whip out a Carrot”
*Best Group/Double Act for the Guides
*Best Best Prop for market statuette
*Best Worst Prop for market statuette
2023•Best Heroic Character - Private Giggler (Macbeth: The Musical)
•Best Villainous Character - Snoop & Scoop (Whodunnit?)
•Best Morally Ambiguous Character - Dorothy (Whodunnit?)
•Best Group/Double Act - The Soldiers (Macbeth: The Musical)
•Best Group/Double Act - Snoop & Scoop (Whodunnit?)
•Best Couple - Bumbleton and Dorothy (Whodunnit?)
•Best Song - Midsummer Love (A Midsummer Night's Fever Dream)
•Best Song - The Murder Song (Macbeth: The Musical)
•Best Song - The Guard Song (Macbeth: The Musical)
•Best Performance of a Song - Join Our Hackathon (Whodunnit?)
•Best Worst Prop - The Gnome Summoning Pipe (A Midsummer Night's Fever Dream)
•Best Noise from a Cast Member - “Ding Dong” (Whodunnit?)
•Best Ad-Lib - Giggler pretending to be Buffy in a red wig (Macbeth: The Musical)
•Best Audience Participation - “Then lie down” (in response to “I can't sit here and watch you do this”) (A Midsummer Night's Fever Dream)
•Best Audience Participation - Trying to drink from the flask but it was empty because Fabian had already drank all the alcohol in it (Macbeth: The Musical)
•Best Audience Participation - Dorothy wolf whistle (Whodunnit?)
•Best Programme Quote - “Bottom D, eh?” (Whodunnit?)
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