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Freddie Houlahan

User Level : OULE
College : Balliol from 2021

Family Tree


Michaelmas 2021A Christmas CaroleEbenezer Scrooge
Hilary 2022 RumpelstiltskinBoris
Trinity 2022 A Midsummer's Night Fever DreamCoronet-Yew
Michaelmas 2022Macbeth: The MusicalMacChef
Hilary 2023Whodunnit?Chief Manners
Assistant Director
Marketing Assistant
Trailer Videographer
Trinity 2023Knights, Camera, Action!Gwayne
Sound Technician

Flosscar Wins

2023•Best Villainous Character - Coronet Yew (A Midsummer Night's Fever Dream)
•Best Performance of a Song - Midsummer Rap (A Midsummer Night's Fever Dream)
•Best Noise from a Cast Member - “GOONS!” (Whodunnit?)
•Best Directorial Team - Whodunnit?
•Best Marketing Campaign - Whodunnit?

Flosscar Nominations

2022 A Christmas Carole:
*The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Scrooge
*Best Heroic Character for Scrooge
*Best Morally Ambiguous Character for Scrooge
*Best Song Performance for Battle for Christmas (with a special shoutout)
*Best Group/Double Act for the Guides
*Best Group/Double Act for the Bankers \\*Best Song Performance for Dreams
Best Spurious Accent for Nicky
2023•Best Heroic Character - Chief Manners (Whodunnit?)
•Best Group/Double Act - Chief Manners, Goons and Sergeant Silly (Whodunnit?)
•Best Performance of a Song - Everyone in Bumblesong (Whodunnit?)
•Best Noise from a Cast Member - Freddie's on (Whodunnit?)
•Best Cock-Up During a Performance - Waiting for MacChef at the end of Macbeth (It wasn't Freddie's fault!) (Macbeth: The Musical)
•Best Ad-Lib - Reference to broken door (Whodunnit?)
•Best Programme Quote - “THUS SPAKE THE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR” (Macbeth: The Musical)
•The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act (Whodunnit?)
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