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Good Show, Jeeves! (Trinity, 2000)

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“Tell me - do you know everything, Jeeves?”
“I really don't know, sir”

Director's Notes
Well, another term is almost at an end and there is OULES' third play this year to mark the occasion. It has been a very eventful and, dare we say it, successful year for the society. We are well on the way to gaining university recognition from the Proctors, we have a website and we've even got T-shirts! Everyone has worked so hard this year, and it's absolutely fantastic to see everything coming together finally. We have to say a huge thank you to the St. Peter's Society for their generous donation which has ensured that OULES will have a long and happy future. We will have a stall at Freshers' Fair 2000 so hopefully we will be able to 'coerce' some more members from there!
As for this production there needs to be a number of shouts going out for several people. First of all I have to thank the wonderful cast who have all given everything they have, despite the fact that exams have been hanging over everyone's heads. Thank you to you all and I hope you all do as spectacularly well in your exams as you deserve. Next thanks to Anna Gallagher and Magdalen College School for putting us in contact with the boys who perform so well in this production. Thanks are also due to their parents for enduring the constant telephone calls over rehearsal and performance changes, and also for delivering and collecting the boys! As always, thanks are also due to Rev. Christopher Jones for the use of St. Peter's College Chapel and also for agreeing to be our Senior Member. Many thanks also to Mrs. Fleming for the use of our wonderful surroundings here in the Warden's Garden at Wadham College. Thanks to the Chaplain of Wadham College for his agreement to the use of the Chapel in the even of wet weather in the next few days!
For those who have been following the rise of OULES it may be of interest to know that the money from this year's productions will be donated to the Matthew Maine Meningitis Trust.
It only remains for me to thank all the above people again and any of those that we have miss out - it's not that we're not grateful, we just owe so many people so many thanks for their help. The final thanks goes to the audience for turning up to support what we consider to be a really worthwhile project. Thank you all and see you next year!


  • Bertie Wooster - Kate “…You are an anti-social animal, Bertie, a drone.” Broadhurst
  • Jeeves - Alex “…If ever in the whole history of human affairs there was a moment when that lofty brain was required, it is now” Henlin
  • Gussie Fink-Nottle - James “…Spink-Bottle? The timid, teacup-passing, thin bread and butter 'yes' man?” Needham
  • Bingo Little - Lucy “…If there is one fellow in the world who could alleviate the horrors of this blighted visit, that bloke is young Bingo.” Norris
  • Madeline Bassett - Rhi “…When a girl suddenly, out of the blue, asks if you don't sometimes feel that the starts are God's daisy chain, you've got to wonder.” Mogridge
  • Aunt Dahlia - Liz “Aunt Dahlia's always been a good stick. I have never wavered in my appreciation of her humanity, sporting qualities and general good-eggishness” Norman
  • Aunt Agatha - noga “…When I hear she is moving in the same hemisphere as me I tend to quake” zivan (Wadham)
  • Mr. Filmer - Anas “… His entire demeanour is such that many an experienced undertaker would have been deceived by his appearance and start embalming on sight” Alazami
  • Miss. Waterbury - Amy “…Bane of my life. Met her yet? Lurks around here, looming round corners to put the strain on me.” Leyland
  • Bonzo Travers - Johnny “…A kid who requires not education in Greek and Latin, but a swift slosh to the base of the skull with a black-jack” Miller
  • Thomas Spencer - Andrew “…Do you have an inkling of the sort of scourge you've taken into your home? In the society of young Thomas, strong men quail. There is no devilry beyond his scope.” Wordsworth


  • By - P. G. Wodehouse
  • Adapted for the stage by - James Needham
  • Directed, Produced and Generally Masterminded by - Kate Broadhurst

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Love SceneRhian Mogridge and Kate Broadhurst for Madeline and Bertie
Best bottle of ginThe one in the orange juice
Best Last Minute OULEAlex Henlin for Jeeves
Best speechJames Needham for Gussie Fink-Nottle “Speech! Speech!”
Best Acting Despite HangoverKate Broadhurst for Bertie Wooster

Flosscars Nominations

Best heroKate Broadhurst for Bertie Wooster
Best Bad GuyAmy Leyland for Miss Waterbury
Best inanimate objectMadeline's vase
Best Impersonation of a person on the opposite sexKate Broadhurst for Bertie Wooster
Most Quoted LineJames Needham for “Speech! Speech!”
Most Quoted LineJames Needham for Gussie Fink-Nottle
“Don't you think the stars are like God's daisy chain?”
Best special effectThe gin in the orange juice
Best special effectKate Broadhurst for Bertie Wooster
Alex Henlin for Jeeves
Filmer on piggyback
Best Ad LibJames Needham for “An old old friend… who knows where you live!”
Best HeckleOld woman for joining in at Beech Court
Best rehearsal venueChristchurch Meadows
Best Last Minute OULEJonny and Andrew for Bonzo and Thomas
Best costumeRhian Mogridge for Maddy's dress
Best Performance VenueBeech Court
Wadham Gardens
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