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WHODUNNIT? (Hilary, 2023)

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Eight guests. Many suspects. One dead body at the bottom of the stairs. Whodunnit? OULES makes a grab for Mousetrap fame in this unique (let’s call it that) murder mystery comedy. When Lord Harvington is found dead at the bottom of his staircase, it falls to one incompetent inspector and his beleaguered sidekick to crack the case. But red herrings are everywhere and the clues aren’t easy to solve. So, who did it? The squeaky-clean Goodys? The suspect Shadys? The Harvington children? Or someone completely left-field, like a police sergeant who confuses a walkie-talkie with a nose trimmer?


The Harvingtons

  • Lord Harvington - Uğur “I wanna be naked in a Disney+ show” Özcan (Jesus)
  • Lady Harvington - Elsie “Sexual deviancy - what ho!” Clark (St Anne's)
  • Minty Harvington - Libby “Capital punishment is completely fine” Alldread (Corpus Christi)
  • Binky Harvington - Macey “Get a blazer and then we can talk” Pattenden (Worcester)
  • Percy Harvington - Ali “Like the Jackson 5 but more talented” Witheford (Magdalen)
  • Charlie Harvington - Bíbor “What can I say I'm a bitch” Batki (St Hugh's)
  • Alex Heartswept - Chris “All children are isomorphic” Chang (St Anne's)

The Staff

The Guests

  • Angel Goody - Alysa “😇” Fitch (Keble)
  • Saint Goody - Federica “My cheeks hurt from smiling” Pescini (Magdalen)
  • Lucifer Shady - Paul “Not a big fan of balls” Becsi (Oriel)
  • Jezebel Shady - Maja “I can't be funny on the spot” Kowalewska (Magdalen)
  • Dr Angus Bones - Kevin “Am I Scottish or am I a normal person?” Zheng (St Anne's)
  • Dr Andrew Bones - Warwick “My complaint is that I don't get to be a whore” Wagner (St Anne's)
  • Cuthbert Snooty - Heledd “Mm” Newton (LMH)
  • Joe Dullard - Peter “I can't wait for the scene where I'm tied up and gagged” Bachev (St Anne's)
  • Joe Dullard (Thu) - Fen “Spice is the spice of life” Brunt

The Police

  • Inspector Bumbleton - Sebastian “You are a very movable object” Morson (St Anne's)
  • Barney - Lily “Yes, but-” Massey (Pembroke)
  • Chief Manners - Freddie “The audience are simple people” Houlahan (Balliol)
  • Constable Goons - Alice “A measured response to workplace bullying” Yates (Trinity)
  • Sergeant Silly - Max “God's twinkiest soldier” Northcott (St Anne's)

The Reporters

  • Scoop - Em “Then we, as one, scuttle” Fawcett (Wadham)
  • Snoop - Fabian “Best dead body I've ever seen” Bourdeaux (St Anne's)



  • Director - Jake “Still camp but better” Caudwell (Magdalen)
  • Assistant Directors


  • Writer - Elsie “Liquid Banger” Clark (St Anne's)
  • Script Editors
    • Jake “More a remonstrance than an assault” Caudwell (Magdalen)
    • Alice “Does anyone have a big foam banana” Yates (Trinity)
    • Christopher “10'0” Goble
    • Patrick “Here all week, under Jake's bed” Painter (St Anne's)
    • Amy “Ctrl+F for submissive” Hemsworth (Univ)


  • Producer - Sebastian “I can do Jesus” Morson (St Anne's)
  • Production Manager - Fen “I'm not directing I just have opinions” Brunt
  • Stage Manager - Fen “I'll always take a good axe-ing” Brunt
  • Lighting Designer - Libby “Woman, your place is by the phone” Alldread (Corpus Christi)
  • Lighting Assistants
    • Amy “The rainbow doesn't want to taste me” Hemsworth (Univ)
    • Max “Maid insurgency leader” Northcott (St Anne's)


  • Marketing Manager - Amy “Let's workshop a cult” Hemsworth (Univ)
  • Marketing Assistants
  • Art Director - Weronika “I'm not neurotic” Galka (St Peter's)
  • Trailer Director - Amy “Jesus is a talented guy” Hemsworth (Univ)
  • Trailer Videographer - Freddie “Are you suggesting I'm a eunuch?” Houlahan (Balliol)
  • Trailer Editing - Fen “Paint me like one of your French corpses” Brunt


  • Music Director - Oliver “A cross between Dobby & Dominatrix” Brown (Worcester)
  • Assistant Music Director - Fabian “Just enjoy the millipede feet” Bourdeaux (St Anne's)
  • Choreographer - Jake “Semicirculate” Caudwell (Magdalen)
  • Violists
    • Emma Lee
    • Darcey Snape (Jesus)


  • Welfare Officer - Uğur “I'll only be objectified by Fabian” Özcan (Jesus)
  • Venue Coordinator - Macey “There's a head inside my soul” Pattenden (Worcester)
  • Drinks Coordinator - Dave “Tumours have a growth mindset” Street (LMH)


  • Whodunnit? - Patrick “A swarm of fish flopping around” Painter (St Anne's)
  • Bad Bad Plans - Jake “Again with the foot elevation” Caudwell (Magdalen)
  • Bumbleton is Best
    • Lyrics: Amy “Bumbleton to your heart's content” Hemsworth (Univ)
    • Music: Oliver “I mean I only have one quotation to choose from” Brown (Worcester)
  • Snooty's Rap - Paul Becsi
  • Happiness is Clappiness
    • Paul “I wish you would ride on me sometime” Becsi (Oriel)
    • Oliver “I'm going to church now” Brown (Worcester)
  • Join our Hackathon - Kevin “I can see more of your chin than usual” Zheng (St Anne's)
  • Final Song - Fabian “Bottom D, eh?” Bourdeaux (St Anne's)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Heroic Character Sergeant Silly - Max Northcott
Best Couple Lady Harvington and Dorothy - Elsie Clark, Fabian Bourdeaux
Best Song Whodunnit? - Patrick Painter
Best Costume Dorothy - Fabian Bourdeaux
Best Worst Prop The Door
Best Best Prop Binky's badges - Fen Brunt
Best Noise from a Cast Member “GOONS!” - Freddie Houlahan
Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal Max Northcott making that joke about OULES health & safety risk assessment a dark prophecy; slices finger during cocktail making
Best Cock-Up During a Performance Dead Lord Harvington not being there to be … dead - Uğur Özcan
Best Ad-lib “I am the throat goat” - Fabian Bourdeaux
Best Audience Participation Fabian giving out the numbers - Fabian Bourdeaux
Best Programme Quote “God's twinkiest soldier” - Max Northcott
The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act Sebastian Morson
Best Script Elsie Clark
Best Directorial Team Jake Caudwell (asst. Cecilia Twigger, Libby Alldread, Freddie Houlahan, Alice Yates)
Best Marketing Team Amy Hemsworth (asst. Weronika Galka, Freddie Houlahan)

Flosscars Nominations

Best Heroic Character Barney - Lily Massey
Lady Harvington - Elsie Clark
Bumbleton - Sebastian Morson
Minty - Libby Alldread
Chief Manners - Freddie Houlahan
Best Villainous Character Barney - Lily Massey
Lucifer Shady - Paul Becsi
Bumbleton - Sebastian Morson
Snoop & Scoop - Fabian Bourdeaux, Em Fawcett
Best Morally Ambiguous Character Dorothy - Fabian Bourdeaux
Snooty - Heledd Newton
Joe Dullard - Peter Bachev, Fen Brunt
Tompkins - Patrick Painter
Barney - Lily Massey
The Shadys - Paul Becsi, Maja Kowalewska
Bumbleton - Sebastian Morson
Lord Harvington - Uğur Özcan
Best Group/Double Act The Harvingtons - Uğur Özcan, Elsie Clark, Libby Alldread, Macey Pattenden, Ali Witheford, Bíbor Batki
The Shadys - Paul Becsi, Maja Kowalewska
Snoop & Scoop - Fabian Bourdeaux, Em Fawcett
Mabel and Tompkins - Acadia Klepeis, Patrick Painter
The Goodys - Alysa Fitch, Federica Pescini
Barney and Bumbleton- Lily Massey, Sebastian Morson
Chief Manners, Goons and Sergeant Silly - Freddie Houlahan, Alice Yates, Max Northcott
Best Couple The Shadys - Paul Becsi, Maja Kowalewska
Dullard and Snooty - Peter Bachev, Fen Brunt, Heledd Newton
Bumbleton and Dorothy - Sebastian Morson, Fabian Bourdeaux
Lord Harvington and Alex Heartswept - Uğur Özcan, Chris Chang
Best Spurious Accent Whatever Max is doing as Sgt Silly - Max Northcott
Mabel - Acadia Klepeis
Snooty - Heledd Newton
Angus Bones - Kevin Zheng
Lady Harvington - Elsie Clark
Best Song Bumbleton is Best - Amy Hemsworth, Oliver Brown
Join our Hackathon - Kevin Zheng
Best Performance of a Song Join Our Hackathon - Fabian Bourdeaux, Em Fawcett
Seb in Bumblesong - Sebastian Morson
Everyone in Bumblesong - Sebastian Morson, Freddie Houlahan, Max Northcott, Lily Massey, Alice Yates
Happiness is Clappiness - Alysa Fitch, Federica Pescini
Snooty's Rap - Heledd Newton
Best Costume Sergeant Silly - Max Northcott
Minty - Libby Alldread
Lord Harvington (+jazzy blazer) - Uğur Özcan
Alex Heartswept- Chris Chang
Best Worst Prop 'Days without incident' whiteboard that keeps falling over - Fen Brunt
Silly's Polis vest - Fen Brunt
L. Shady's newspaper and glasses- Fen Brunt
Bob's miscoloured dinner - Fen Brunt
Dorothy's shoes - Jake Caudwell
Best Best Prop Blue VK - Fen Brunt
Harvington's phone - Fen Brunt
Whiteboard - Fen Brunt
The Door
Best Noise from a Cast Member Silly's voice throughout the play - Max Northcott
“Ding Dong” - Fabian Bourdeaux
Chorus of Lambrini slurps in reheasals
Teletubby rage - Fen Brunt
Freddie's one-off - Freddie Houlahan
Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal Paul Becsi putting the newspaper entirely over his head
Patrick Painter: “His body is still hanging in the hallway”
Best Cock-Up During a Performance Em Fawcett's kick sending a shoe flying at the audience
Best Ad-lib “shit” in Bumbleton is Best - Lily Massey
“That little purple bastard” - Fen Brunt
Reference to broken door - Freddie Houlahan
“37 counts of public indecency” - Sebastian Morson
Breaking Bod reference - Uğur Özcan
“He promised me his pink fluffy handcuffs at least” - Sebastian Morson
“What, Onlyfans?” - Chris Chang
Best Audience Participation “Replaced by a salamander in the interval” - Branoc Richards
Gasp when Barney entered in the last scene - Lily Massey
Dorothy wolf whistle - Fabian Bourdeaux
Bíbor's brother puts his hands up when accused - Bíbor Batki
Best Programme Quote “All children are isomorphic” - Chris Chang
“Tumours have a growth mindset” - David Street
“Bottom D, eh?” - Fabian Bourdeaux
“I can't wait for scene where I'm tied up and gagged” - Peter Bachev
Best Quote from a Script “But she's so submissive!”/“I rather imagine that's part of the appeal”
Pretty much everything the Shadys say
“What's food, sir?”
“That's quite enough, Barney”
“His beautiful face is nowhere to be seen because the damn thing is so full of holes”
“He was a well endowed chap”
“Grippy Socks!”
“Nothing under there except some sleeping pills and several kilograms of icing sugar in little plastic bags”
The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act Freddie Houlahan
Uğur Özcan
The ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty Fen Brunt for making many wonderful props and for carrying the entire show on their shoulders
Jake Caudwell for directing with an upcoming dissertation
Whoever had to carry the door. I don't know who it was, but them
Amy Hemsworth for everything
Sebastian Morson for learning all of the songs
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