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Macbeth: The Musical (Michaelmas, 2022)

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This version of Shakespeare’s blood-soaked tragedy goes a little off the rails when it attracts the attention of two eager vampires seeking out a holiday home in somewhere with a suitably sanguine climate. When three inexperienced witches find their efforts to change the course of history thwarted by this exterior meddling and struggle to set events back on the right track, it’s safe to say that all may not go as planned for the man who hopes to make himself King of Scotland – or at least, for his ambitious wife. With the addition of a troupe of incompetent soldiers, a desperate chef, and a whole host of musical encumbrances, the Bard himself would struggle to bring about a resolution.


The Macbeths

  • Macbeth - Chris “The opposite of common L is Special K” Chang (St Anne's)
  • Lady Macbeth - Lily “102% of the power couple” Massey (Pembroke)

The Macduffs

  • Macduff - Warwick “We found a use for the handcuffs” Wagner (St Anne's)
  • Lady Macduff - Elsie “I was a right old wench” Clark (St Anne's)

Banquo & Sons

  • Banquo - Alice “Yo, is it my line” Yates (Trinity)
  • Fleance - Ali “Knife skills are transferable” Witheford (Magdalen)
  • Séance - Em “I haven't had my line yet!” Fawcett (Wadham)

The Witches

  • Sabrina - Macey “Transitionary noise” Pattenden (Worcester)
  • Hermione - Libby “I came here to act and I'm just being me” Alldread (Corpus Christi)
  • Ursula - Harram “Very dramatic - I was very scared” Khurram (Wolfson)
  • The Laddie of the Loch - Sebastian “OH MY GOD - oh, wait, sorry” Morson (St Anne's)

The Vampires

  • Vlad - Paul “Fear, happiness and arousal” Becsi (Oriel)
  • Edwin - Jake “Bad at Vlad” Caudwell (Magdalen)

The Soldiers

  • Sergeant MacStabbem - Nicole “They Boink you is correct” Tong (Magdalen)
  • Private Mauler - Max “Any threatening children and I'm in” Northcott (St Anne's)
  • Private Giggler - Fabian “Not in the business of doing things legally” Bourdeaux (St Anne's)
  • Private Killer - Cassie “I can't say getting stabbed was on my plan for the day but sure” Wicks (St Hilda's)

The Experts

The Servants

  • MacChef - Freddie “THUS SPAKE THE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR” Houlahan (Balliol)
  • Clara - Maja “You just got banged” Kowalewska (Magdalen)
  • Lara - Heledd “The other one” Newton (LMH)
  • Zara - Maya “Parody of a person” Walker (St Anne's)
  • The Porter - Kaleb “A veteran of poor customer service” Ells (St Anne's)

The Duncans

  • King Duncan - Sebastian “”“BANTER”“” Morson (St Anne's)
  • King Duncan XIII - Fen “Oooh, dead people” Brunt
  • King Duncan XIV - Nicole “Got stabbed by a violin” Tong (Magdalen)
  • King Duncan XV - Elspeth “I love playing 35 year old men” Rogers (St John's)



  • Director - Patrick “Trying to establish dominance” Painter (St Anne's)
  • Assistant Directors



  • Producer - Sebastian “Drugging is okay if it makes things good” Morson (St Anne's)
  • Production Manager - Amy “Hug him, rob him, knock him out” Hemsworth (Univ)
  • Stage Manager - Fen “Mystical frog beast” Brunt
  • Executive Lighting Director - Dave “I support truancy” Street (LMH)
  • Lighting Director - Amy “I speak in Shrek references” Hemsworth (Univ)


  • Marketing Manager - Bíbor “They get a fun surprise” Batki (St Hugh's)
  • Graphic Design - Weronika “Where doth the pigeon sit?” Galka (St Peter's)


  • Music Director - Fabian “Am I the fanfiction?” Bourdeax (St Anne's)
  • Choreographer - Lily “#homeostasis” Massey (Pembroke)
  • Pianist - Kevin “I'm quitting the music industry” Zheng (St Anne's)
  • Guitarist - Najeeb “Person I taught to use the dark web” Al-Shabibi (St Anne's)


  • Welfare Officer - Uğur “No current intention of sleeping with Fabian” Özcan (Jesus)
  • Make-up - Weronika “You'll look like a pimp” Galka (St Peter's)


  • The Guard Song
  • The Weird Sisters
    • Macey “Let me assume my dramatic pose” Pattenden (Worcester)
    • Caleb “I haven't seen this side of you” Lee
  • Haggis and Chips - Cassie “What rhymes with coup? I know, sniffing glue” Wicks (St Hilda's)
  • The Murder Song - Fabian “Ignore all the dangerous stuff in there” Bourdeaux (St Anne's)
  • Memento Merry - Em “A political pool party in a game of Sims” Fawcett (Wadham)
  • Constantly Thwarted
  • The Scottish Play - Patrick “Some vocal chord action :)” Painter (St Anne's)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Morally Ambiguous Character Laddie of the Loch - Sebastian Morson
Best Group/Double Act Vladwin - Paul Becsi, Jake Caudwell
Best Couple Vladwin - Paul Becsi, Jake Caudwell
Best Spurious Accent Laddie of the Loch - Sebastian Morson
Best Quote from a Script “I didn't think someone wearing a garlic necklace would need to wear much protection”
“Fetch my wife, I must speak to her upon the instant!”/“I don’t think we’ve got on of those, you might have to speak to her upon the sofa”
The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act Lily Massey
The ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty Macey Pattenden for finding a venue even before middle of term and everything else
Best Directorial Team Patrick Painter (asst. Amy Hemsworth, Elspeth Rogers, Fen Brunt)

Flosscars Nominations

Best Heroic Character Macey for finding a venue - Macey Pattenden
Private Killer - Cassie Wicks
Lady Macduff - Elsie Clark
Private Giggler - Fabian Bourdeaux
Best Villainous Character Lady Macbeth - Lily Massey
Macbeth - Chris Chang
Vlad - Paul Becsi
Best Morally Ambiguous Character Duncan - Sebastian Morson
Best Group/Double Act Witches - Macey Pattenden, Libby Alldread, Harram Khurram
The Soldiers - Nicole Tong, Max Northcott, Fabian Bourdeaux, Cassie Wicks
Kitchen Staff - Freddie Houlahan, Maja Kowalewska, Heledd Newton, Maya Walker, Kaleb Ells
Best Couple The Macbeths - Lily Massey, Chris Chang
Best Spurious Accent The Porter - Kaleb Ells
Macbeth - Chris Chang
Best Song Constantly Thwarted - Maya Walker, Jake Caudwell
The Scottish Play - Patrick Painter
The Murder Song - Fabian Bourdeaux
Haggis and Chips - Cassie Wicks
The Guard Song - Fabian Bourdeaux, Maya Walker
Best Performance of a Song Constantly Thwarted- Jake Caudwell, Paul Becsi
The Murder Song - Chris Chang
Best Costume Duncan - Sebastian Morson
Laddie of the Loch - Sebastian Morson
Best Worst Prop Banquo's KFC - Amy Hemsworth
Jake's fallen radio mic - Jake Caudwell
Best Best Prop Buffy's Wig - Bibor Batki
Banquo's KFC - Amy Hemsworth
Weapons - Fen Brunt
Best Noise from a Cast Member Max Northcott's kazoo solo
Maya Walker's scream during Constantly Thwarted
Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal “Don't be revoltingly sloppy” - Macey Pattenden
Caleb Lee: “I haven't seen this side of you before”/Patrick Painter: “What, the front?”
Amy Hemsworth forgetting to record half of Act 2 of Macbeth on opening night
Best Cock-Up During a Performance Elsie Clark grabbing the axe head, then saying ow
Whatever was going on with the witches' dialogue - Macey Pattenden, Libby Alldread, Harram Khurram
Kaleb Ells saying “there's a knocking without” twice in one performance, with the audience laughing harder the second time
Macey Pattenden in the witch song
Jake Caudwell's fallen radio mic
Waiting for MacChef at the end of Macbeth (It wasn't Freddie Houlahan's fault!)
Best Ad-lib Sebastian Morson: “Sure would be a great time for a meal right now, MacChef!” Freddie Houlahan: “Here I am, right on time!”
Alice Yates as Banquo lighting a spliff with a seance candle
Jake Caudwell: “I know what you're thinking. I should really pick that up before continuing the scene” after dropping the mic in Macbeth
Fabian Bourdeaux as Giggler pretending to be Buffy in a red wig
Mii Theme - Kevin Zheng
Hermione's improv rhyme - Libby Alldread
Best Audience Participation Trying to drink from the flask but it was empty because Fabian Bourdeaux had already drank all the alcohol in it
Branoc Richards shining in the spotlight during Macbeth
Best Programme Quote “Parody of a person” - Maya Walker
“Be more like Maya” - Patrick Painter
“Where doth the pigeon sit?” - Weronika Galka
“I speak in shrek references” - Amy Hemsworth
Best Quote from a Script “Correct me if I'm wrong”/“You know I always do”
“Kneel before your king, people of Scotland, and accept the right and fitting punishment which I shall bestow!!!!!!!”
“It’s not rocket science”/“What’s a rocket?”
“There’s plenty of horses in the stables”
The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act Paul Becsi
The ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty Weronika Galka for stepping in as front of house last minute and for incredible graphics and marketing
Best Script Jake Caudwell
Best Marketing Team Bibor Batki, Weronika Galka
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