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A Christmas Carole (Michelmas, 2021)

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A Christmas Carole is an original modern spin on the Dickens classic. This time it’s not just the famous miser Ebeneezer Scrooge who is visited by night-time apparitions – his self-centred and irritatingly Christmassy niece Carole also meets some instructive spirits of her own! Each embarks on their own ghostly voyage of self-discovery, but disaster strikes when nefarious ghouls fool Tiny Tim and the rest of Bob Scratchit’s children on a foolish mission to save Christmas, leaving hilarious chaos and ghost bureaucracy in their wake…


The Scrooges

  • Carole Scrooge - Paige “I don’t just like lizards” Allen (St Hugh’s)
  • Ebenezer Scrooge - Freddie “squished rodent of a dog” Houlahan (Balliol)
  • Fred Scrooge - Fen “what’s an overcoat” Brunt (Mansfield)


  • Charlie - Jake “sweep the other way” Caudwell (Magdalen)
  • Jamie - Charlie “the real queer was inside us all along” Howley (LMH)
  • Arabella - Aleks “moustache in my pocket” Matkowska (Keble)
  • Geoff - Charlie “up and down like whack-a-mole” Gill (Green Templeton)
  • Riley - Alice “breaking out of ghost jail” Hackney (St John’s)


  • Christmas Past - Chloe “not method acting, just fifth week” Pavey
  • Christmas Present - Megan “Brits have better hold music” Allbrooks (Keble)
  • Christmas Future - Tom “life is pain” Vallely (Somerville)
  • Holidays Past - Andrew “we’re the important ones” Raynes (Somerville)
  • Holidays Present - Fabian “I’ll just whip out a carrot” Bourdeaux (St Anne’s)
  • Holidays Future - Grace “British people have their own Christmas songs?” Masback (Wadham)
  • Xmas Past - Velina “pause between gag and dominate” Robinson (Mansfield)
  • Xmas Present - Ed “if Cherwell want a scrap I'll give them a scrap” Tansley (St Anne’s)
  • Xmas Future - Em “dabbing is illegal in Saudi Arabia” Fawcett (Wadham)
  • Yuletide Past - Alice “getting all ghosty” Hackney (St John’s)
  • The Boss - Jake “kids is too ‘street’” Burton

The Cratchits



  • Director - Amy “you’re all just characters to me now” Hemsworth (Teddy Hall)
  • Assistant Directors
    • Tom “now for the hos, kids” Vallely (Somerville)
    • Elspeth “I have no idea what I’m doing” Rogers (St John’s)
  • Writer - Lily “clearly unoriginal” Miles (Actual Adult)
  • Musical Director - Tom “hunt the minors down” Vallely (Somerville)
  • Pianist - Tobi “we can try Eye of the Tiger?” Wedel (Worcester)
  • Production Manager - Charlie “rewards or sadness” Gill (Green Templeton)
  • Production Assistants
    • Fen “it can be manipulated, it’s fine” Brunt (Mansfield)
    • Jake “I shouldn’t have asked” Caudwell (Magdalen)
    • Juliana “here for a grave time not for a long time” Vitosh
  • Stage Manager - Will “come see my Lego room ;)” Ainsworth (St Edmund Hall)
  • Set Manager - Fen “I don’t have another one” Brunt (Mansfield)
  • Lighting
  • Fight Choreography
    • Andrew “bordering on burlesque” Raynes (Somerville)
    • Tom “not since the incident” Vallely (Somerville)
  • Marketing Manager - Velina “we want your bodies” Robinson (Mansfield)
  • Marketing Assistants


  • Carole’s Carol - Jake “dubious musical choices” Caudwell (Magdalen)
  • We’re Going to Have a Great Christmas
  • Xmas Forever
    • Velina “it’s time to make the minor pay” Robinson (Mansfield)
    • Char “evil schE minore” Vine
  • The Battle for Christmas - Tom “Ebenezer has the biggest…” Vallely (Somerville)
  • The Final Song - Branoc “stealing for parody is not a crime” Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Heroic Character Carole - Paige Allen (St. Hugh's)
Best Group/Double Act Charlie and Jamie - Jake Caudwell (Magdalen) and Charlie Howley (LMH)
Best morally ambiguous character Xmas present - Ed Tansley (St. Anne's)
Best spurious accent Urchin Child - Ali Witheford (Magdalen)
Best Couple Charlie and Jamie Jake Caudwell (Magdalen) and Charlie Howley (LMH)
Best Worst Prop Crachit Christmas Tree
Best Best Prop Ghost of Chistmas Tree Past (+Carole Set) - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton) and Will Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
Best cock-up backstage/during rehearsal Xmas forever shadow dancing backstage
The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act Carole - Paige Allen (St Hugh’s)
Best directing team director: Amy Hemsworth (Teddy Hall), AD: Elspeth Rogers (St. John's), AD: Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Best marketing campaign Velina Robinson, Andrew Raynes (Somerville) , Aleksandra Matkowska (Keble), Megan Allbrooks (Keble), Branoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)

Flosscars Nominations

Best Heroic Character Scrooge - Freddie Houlahan (Balliol)
Holidays Past - Andrew Raynes (Somerville)
Holidays Present - Fabian Bourdeaux (St. Anne's)
Tiny Tim - Sebastian Morson (St. Anne's)
Christmas Future - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Best morally ambiguous character Carole - Paige Allen (St. Hugh's)
Christmas Future - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Scrooge - Freddie Houlahan (Balliol)
Holidays Present - Fabian Bourdeaux (St. Anne's)
Best group/double act The Crachit kids - Fiona Bestrova, Sebastian Morson (St. Anne's), Eliza Niblett (Corpus Christi), Phoebe Winter (Oriel)
Xmas ghosts - Velina Robinson (Mansfield), Ed Tansley (St. Anne's), Em Fawcett (Wadham)
Holiday ghosts - Andrew Raynes (Somerville), Fabian Bourdeaux (St. Anne's), Grace Masback (Wadham)
Best song performance Battle for Christmas - Freddie Houlahan (Balliol), Paige Allen (St. Hugh's), Ed Tansley (St. Anne's), Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
Carole's Carol - Paige Allen (St. Hugh's)
Best costumeHolidays Present - Fabian Bourdeaux (St. Anne's)
Xmas Present - Ed Tansley (St. Anne's)
Carole - Paige Allen (St. Hugh's)
Christmas Future - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Best Worst Prop The Christmas Turkey
Best Best Prop Street Lamp - Will Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
Tiny Tim's crutch
Holidays Present's carrots
The Cratchit Christmas “Tree”
“Meeting” bunting
Aleks' moustache
Best Noise Fight noises - Grace Masback (Wadham) and Mo Weckbecker
“ha ha ha” - Ed Tansley (St. Anne's)
Tiny Tim's coughs - Sebastian Morson (St. Anne's)
Best Ad-Lib “Why are there three junior narrators?” “An excess of cast.” - Charlie Howley (LMH)
“What about ze children?” - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Best Programme Quote “ha ha ha” - Ed Tansley (St. Anne's)
“pause between gag and dominate” - Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
“Not method acting, just fifth week” - Chloe Pavey (St. Anne's)
“I'll just whip out a carrot” - Fabian Bourdeaux (St. Anne's)
Best Quote from a Script “I don't know how to tell you how stupid you are”
“Today? Why it's Christmas Day!”
The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act Scrooge - Freddie Houlahan (Balliol)
Yuletide past - Alice Hackney (St. John's))
Best Villainous character Xmas Past - Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
Xmas Future - Em Fawcett (Wadham)
Scrooge - Freddie Houlahan (Balliol)
Xmas Present - Ed Tansley (St. Anne's)
Best Couple Bob and Emily Cratchit - Andrew Kenyon-Roberts and Lily Massey (Pembroke)
Carole and Holidays Past - Paige Allen (St. Hugh's) and Andrew Raynes (Somerville)
Best Spurious Accent Christmas Future - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Holidays Future - Grace Masback (Wadham)
Best Song Carole's Carole - Jake Caudwell (Magdalen)
The Final Song - Branoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
Battle for Christmas - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Xmas Forever - Velina Robinson (Mansfield) and Char Vine
The ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ Award Tom Vallely (Somerville) for accepting music director on top of assistant director
Set designers
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