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Cinderella : The Musical (Michealmas, 2020)

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Cinderella - but not as you know it! A TV talent contest, four ENTIRELY original chefs, and a rather judgmental cat. Will Cinders’ rock-star father ever write a decent song again? (Narrator: “He will not.”). Will the Fairy Godmother break free of Fairyland’s bureaucracy - or will it break her? Will the pumpkins align for our heroine? Not if her scheming stepmother has anything to do with it…

Please be aware, this show may contain a posh person attempting to rap. Watch at your own risk.

The show is free, but we will be fund-raising for charity (Friends of the Earth and the Albert Kennedy Trust). If you are able to donate something, we’ll be super grateful!

The show can be found on YouTube here


  • Cinderella Sugarplum - Maddie “Wacky Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube” Hall (Oriel)
  • Fairy Godmother - Kay “Shenanigans like this” Barrett (St Hilda's)

The Bogoffs

  • Baron “Bill” Bogoff - Tom “More falling asleep, less death” Vallely (Somerville)
  • Belladonna Bogoff - Velina “If I was in them, I would be tasty” Robinson (Mansfield)
  • Nectarine - Eliza “Loosely flirted at” Niblett (Corpus Christi)
  • Pomegranate - Rachel “I’m a classy b* * * *” Shrader (Wycliffe Hall)

The Bogoff Household

  • Velcro - Fen “What is a tree?” Brunt (Mansfield)
  • Ada Assist - Aleksandra “being paid how much?” Matkowska (Keble)
  • Rees Moggy - Crackle, Twinkle, and Star, “We have never been fed, ever” The cats

The Ghosttown Mice

  • Lotta Cash - Lily “Just acknowledge I was there” Miles (Actual Adult)
  • So Zen - Maya “My friction is off” Walker (St Anne's)
  • Art Izzall - Bethan “One of the Na-Nas” Chalmers (St Hilda's)

SheerEd and Crew

  • MC Prince SheerEd - Charlie “Brutalised by a fairy” Gill (Green Templeton)
  • UndEd - Ali “One with the Zoom background” Witheford (Magdalen)
  • DreadEd - Val “I’m still dirty though” Gladkova (Merton)
  • Dave - Ana “Guys, the moustache won’t come off…” Pagu (Linacre)


  • Mitchel Rouge - Fabian “Anac-achar- can we start again?” Bourdeaux (St Anne's)
  • Granton Sheepsay - Jake “Angrier Arms” Caudwell (Magdalen)
  • Jay Olivetree - Alice “The most pukka pukka” Hackney (St John's)
  • Hector Bloomingdale - Charles “Just about getting away with it”. Howley (LMH)

Song of Britain Presenters and Judges

  • Bantz - Will “Yay, an excuse to wear black tie!” Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
  • Hec - Chloe “Baby me looked like a llama to you” Pavey
  • Lord Tarquin Bigge-Toff - Ali “Trampoline woman” Witheford (Magdalen)
  • Duchess DaDa - Ekin “Mwah!” Pehlivan
  • TV Announcer - Charles “He knows what he did” Howley (LMH)

Song of Britain Contestants

  • Tyler Quick - Maya “Entrenched in my own context” Walker (St Anne's)
  • Hunter Welly Man - Lily “Laughing, but also having a breakdown” Miles (Actual Adult)


  • Flirtatious Neighbour - Chloe “Flirting is thirsty work” Pavey
  • Mormon Neighbour - Em “I’m very, very, very sorry” Fawcett (Wadham)


  • Director - Branoc “Too awkward to massage” Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
  • Assistant Director - Em “Abandon the script” Fawcett (Wadham)
  • Writer - Velina “Wriggles with excitement” Robinson (Mansfield)
  • Musical Director - Tom “Obnoxious bugle noises” Vallely (Somerville)
  • Marketing
    • Velina “Elisabeth Jones” Robinson (Mansfield)
    • Tom “I have no mouth, and must meme” Vallely (Somerville)
    • Ana “I need more than beef to survive” Pagu (Linacre)
  • Head Editor - Charlie “Wondering if it was too long” Gill (Green Templeton)
  • Editors


  • Blank Cheque
    • Lyrics: Velina “Diolch yn fawr Mam!” Robinson (Mansfield)
    • Music: EdKara
  • Dinnertime Rap
    • Lyrics: Em “Let me whip” Fawcett (Wadham)
    • Beatboxing: Maya “Smouldered so hard” Walker (St Anne's)
  • One Night More
    • Lyrics: Lily “I need to sleep now” Miles (Actual Adult)
    • Music: Tegan “My laptop is 11” Gears (Teddy Hall)
  • I Quite Like Thursdays
    • Lyrics:
      • Lily “Yeet the Drumstick” Miles (Actual Adult)
      • Tom “I hope Bob likes this” Vallely (Somerville)
    • Music: Moylett
  • Manhunt
    • Lyrics and Music: Maya “I harmonised without your consent” Walker (St Anne's)
  • The Gentleman Farmers (Hunter Welly Man’s Rap)
    • Lyrics: Velina “Shouldn’t have played me WAP” Robinson (Mansfield)
    • Music:
    • Gentleman Farmers:
  • Unmasked (Ash’s Song)
    • Lyrics and Music: Maddie “Is connecting to audio” Hall (Oriel)
  • Time to Sing Again
    • Lyrics: Lily “Love me some ABBA” Miles (Hertford)
    • Music: SZ ZS
  • One Way, or Another
    • Lyrics:
    • Music: I Musix
  • Sing a Song for the Future
    • Lyrics: Em “We’re rebranding” Fawcett (Wadham)
    • Music: Jack “Piano-Man” Wilson


  • Backgrounds - unless noted
  • Cinderella’s Bedroom - Timothy Eberly
  • Bogoff’s Mansion - Skitterphoto (
  • Belladonna’s Lounge - Nicola Nutall
  • The Kitchens - Christa Grover
  • Bogoff’s Dining Hall - Annie Sprat
  • Song of Britain Stage - Elijah Ekdal
  • One Night - Nathan Anderson
  • Fairy Godmother’s room - Danil Sorokin
  • SheerEd’s Batchelor Pad - Roberto Nickson

  • Manor Lane - Nicola Tolin
  • Baron’s Stage - Magnus Lunay
  • The Punning Owl - Gabriele Rampazzo


Sound Effects

  • SoB Crowd - The Cast of Cinderella: The Musical
  • Sexy Doorbell - Branoc “Aggressive bongs” Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
  • Rees Moggy - Crackle, Twinkle, and Star “We have still not been fed” The Cats
  • Phone Notifications -
  • Additional SFX
    • Fen “It’s called Theatre, and I’m Fine Brunt (Mansfield)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Couple Dave and the Flirty Neighbour - Ana Pagu (Linacre) and Chloe Pavey
Best Script Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
Best Song Manhunt - Maya Walker (St Anne’s)
Best Marketing PhotoCinderella's Song of Britain Poster - Maddie Hall (Oriel) and Ana Pagu (Linacre)
Best Worst PropBaron Bill's Wig - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Best Best PropSheer-Ed's Phone Wig - Fen Brunt (Mansfield)
Best Worst SFX'Ding Dong' Sexy Doorbell - Branoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
Best Best SFXKalimba (Brian Cox Disappears/Fariy Godmother's Magic Noises) - Maya Walker (St Anne’s)(The Radio Show at the End of the World, Cinderella The Musical)
Rees Moggy - Fen Brunt (Mansfield)
Best Worst VFXThe Fairy Godmother's Censoring Sparkles - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton)
Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a RehearsalTom saying 'It's an angel“ like 5 times at the wrong time in the scene, each time hopeful that the next repetition would be the one - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Best Ad-Lib/Outtake “What happened to you Zen? You used to be Maya, now you are Val” - Lily Miles (Actual Adult)
Dave's moustache spin during One Way or Another - Ana Pagu (Linacre)
Best Audience Participation/Heckle The real Elizabeth Jones' seal of approval - Elizabeth Jones
The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act Kay Barrett (St Hilda’s) for the Fairy Godmother
The ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ Award for Going Beyond the Call of DutyAll the editing teams for everything ever - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton); Fen Brunt (Mansfield); Valeriia Gladkova (Merton); George Sutherland; Maya Walker; Will Ainsworth (Teddy Hall); Branoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen); Aleksandra Matkowska (Keble); Alice Hackney (St John’s)

Flosscars Nominations

Best Heroic Character Cinderella - Maddie Hall (Oriel)
Velcro - Fen Brunt (Mansfield)
Baron Bill Bogoff - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Fairy Godmother - Kay Barrett (St Hilda’s)
Prince Sheer-Ed - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton)
Best Villainous CharacterBelladonna Bogoff - Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
Best Morally Ambiguous Character Dave - Ana Pagu (Linacre)
Nectarine - Eliza Niblett (Corpus Christi)
Pomegranate - Rachel Shrader (Wycliffe Hall)
DreadEd - Valeriia Gladkova (Merton)
Best Group/Double ActNectarine and Pomegranate - Eliza Niblett (Corpus Christi) and Rachel Shrader (Wycliffe Hall)
The Eds - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton); Valeriia Gladkova (Merton); Ali Witheford (Magdalen); Ana Pagu (Linacre)
The Chefs - Fabian Bourdeaux (St Anne’s); Jake Caudwell (Magdalen); Alice Hackney (St John’s); Charlie Howley (LMH)
Bantz and Hec - Will Ainsworth (Teddy Hall) and Chloe Pavey
Best CoupleCinderella and Velcro - Maddie Hall (Oriel) and Fen Brunt (Mansfield)
Baron Bill and the Fairy Godmother - Tom Vallely (Somerville) and Kay Barrett (St Hilda’s)
Nectarine and Pomegranate - Eliza Niblett (Corpus Christi) and Rachel Shrader (Wycliffe Hall)
Bantz and Hec - Will Ainsworth (Teddy Hall) and Chloe Pavey
Best Spurious AccentBaron Bill Bogoff - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Mitchel le Rouge - Fabian Bourdeaux (St Anne’s)
Granton Sheepsay - Jake Caudwell (Magdalen)
Hunter Welly Man - Lily Miles (Actual Adult)
The Auctioneer - Branoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
Best Directing TeamBranoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen) and Em Fawcett (Wadham)
Best Marketing Campaign Velina Robinson (Mansfield); Tom Vallely (Somerville); Ana Pagu (Linacre)
Best SongOne Night More - Lily Miles (Actual Adult) and Tegan Gears (Teddy Hall)
I Quite Like Thursdays - Lily Miles (Actual Adult) and Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Gentlemen Farmers - Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
Unmasked - Maddie Hall (Oriel)
Best Performance of a SongBlank Cheque - Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
Manhunt - Maya Walker (St Anne’s)
Gentlemen Farmers - Lily Miles (Actual Adult)
Unmasked - Maddie Hall (Oriel)
One Way or Another/Sheer-Ed's Rap - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton)
Best CostumeBelladonna (and her many dresses) - Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
Baron Bill Bogoff - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Fairy Godmother - Kay Barrett (St Hilda’s)
Lotta Cash - Lily Miles (Actual Adult)
Hector Bloomingdale - Charlie Howley (LMH)
Dave (and his many moustaches) - Ana Pagu (Linacre)
Hunter Welly Man - Lily Miles (Actual Adult)
Best Worst PropBaron Bill's Hairbrush in One Night More - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Sheer-Ed's Unnervingly Orange Wig - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton)
The Chef's Kitchen Utensil Microphones - Fabian Bourdeaux (St Anne’s); Jake Caudwell (Magdalen); Alice Hackney (St John’s); Charlie Howley (LMH)
Pomegranate's “No! I'm Ash!” Sign - Rachel Shrader (Wycliffe Hall)
Best Best PropNectarine and Pomegranate's Fruits - Eliza Niblett (Corpus Christi) and Rachel Shrader (Wycliffe Hall)
The Chef's Cheffing Implements - Fabian Bourdeaux (St Anne’s); Jake Caudwell (Magdalen); Alice Hackney (St John’s); Charlie Howley (LMH)
Dave's Many Moustaches - Ana Pagu (Linacre)
Cinderella's Microphone - Maddie Hall (Oriel)
Tyler Quick's Guitar - Maya Walker (St Anne’s)
Best Worst SFXVelcro Sounds - Fen Brunt (Mansfield)
'Ding Dong' Sexy Doorbell - Branoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
Best Best SFX'Ding Dong' Sexy Doorbell - Branoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
Best Worst VFXRees Moggy - Fen Brunt (Mansfield)
That Time Dave Ended Up in a Tree - Will Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
Best Best VFXRees Moggy - Fen Brunt (Mansfield)
The Fairy Godmother's Glitter Effects - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton)
The Fairy Godmother makes Velcro disappear and then reappear with a lil pop - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton) and Will Ainsworth (Teddy Hall)
The zoom in on the TV in Cinderella + the TV still playing in the background after it zooms out - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton)
DreadEd's ever increasing size during their 'I will find you' monologue - Valeriia Gladkova (Merton) and Charlie Gill (Green Templeton)
Best Noise From a Castmember 'Ding Dong' Sexy Doorbell - Branoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen)
Maya's tantrum on her bed as So Zen - Maya Walker (St Anne’s)
Best Soundscape Song of Britain crowd and intro/transition music - Charlie Gill (Green Templeton)
The auction at the start of Hunter Welly Man's song, complete with sheep - Branoc Richards (Associate MCR at Magdalen) and Fen Brunt (Mansfield)
Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a RehearsalVal's Ominous Background Whistling - Valeriia Gladkova (Merton)
Tom not realising it was rehearsal time and posting on the OULES messenger group - Tom Vallely (Somerville)
Best Ad-Lib/Outtake“Bill, your wig's fallen off” - Lily Miles (Actual Adult)
“Could you elaborate on- frick!” - Maya Walker (St Anne’s)
Best Audience Participation/Heckle “What is a Nando” - Ace
Fen's friend Ace for cheering us on and being undeterred by Val caps-lock-yelling “I AM YOUR PARENT ALI” at them - Ace
Best Quote from a Script“How d'ya get them to do this gig?” “Money” - Eliza Niblett (Corpus Christi); Charlie Gill (Green Templeton); Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
“If you are a Prince, can I kiss you and then you’ll become a… a frog and we can get married” - Rachel Shrader (Wycliffe Hall) and Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
“Dave, honey, my heart is just irresistibly drawn to those in need, like moth to flame, like pen to paper, like students to despair, self-hatred and a constant nagging sense of existential crisis…” - Chloe Pavey and Velina Robinson (Mansfield)
The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to ActCharlie Gill (Green Templeton) for Prince Sheer-Ed
Maddie Hall (Oriel) for Cinderella
Eliza Niblett (Corpus Christi) for Nectarine
Rachel Shrader (Wycliffe Hall) for Pomegranate
Valeriia Gladkova (Merton) for DreadEd
The ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ Award for Going Beyond the Call of DutyAna for all the fantastic art and graphics for Cinderella and George O - Ana Pagu (Linacre)
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