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Maddie Hall

User Level : Über-OULE
Colleges :

  • Oriel from 2019

Family Tree


Hilary 2020Channel HoppersSleeping Beauty
Doctor #10
Trinity 2020The Radio Show at the End of the WorldBrian Cox
Susan from Somewhere Miserable
Michaelmas 2020Cinderella The MusicalCinderella Sugarplum


The Radio Show at the End of the World

  • A Pair of Cox
  • Give Me Some False Hope

Cinderella The Musical

  • Unmasked (Ash's song) - Music and Lyrics

Flosscar Wins

2020•Best Group/Double Act for The Princesses (Channel Hoppers)

Flosscar Nominations

2020•Best Group/Double Act for The Doctors (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Costume for The Princesses (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Couple for Micah and The Princesses (Channel Hoppers)
•The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act for the Tenth Doctor and Aurora (Channel Hoppers)
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