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Jack Slater

User Level : OULE
Colleges :

  • St Edmund Hall from 2016

Family Tree


Michaelmas 2017Let’s Kill SantaDasher
Trinity 2018Scones in the MorningGeorge
Trinity 2019Robin HoodFriar Tuck
Guard Ian (Tues, Weds)
Michelmas 2019 The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors Danny
Hilary 2020Channel HoppersDoctor #9
Ron Weasley
Trinity 2023Knights, Camera, Action!Writer


Knights, Camera, Action!

  • Defying Prophecy

Flosscar Wins

2020•Best Spurious Accent for Laurent's 'French' Accent - (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors
•Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal for Literally Running Around in Circles Until He fell Unconscious (Channel Hoppers)

Flosscar Nominations

2018•Best Group/ Double Act for the Reindeer Police (Let's Kill Santa)
•Best Ad-Lib for “It’s not gibberish, it’s Welsh.” (Let's Kill Santa)
•Best Quote from a Script for “Why are we goose stepping…shouldn’t we be reindeer stepping?” (Let's Kill Santa)
•The ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty for coming to Splash every night and filming multiple time (The Sensational Story of the Splash)
2020•Best Heroic Character for Danny (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors)
•Best Group/Double Act for The Merry Men (Robin Hood)
•Best Group/Double Act for Ghostgrabbers (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors
•Best Group/Double Act for The Doctors (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Couple for Tony and Danny (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors)
•Best Spurious Accent for Friar Tuck's Old Voice (Robin Hood)
•Best Costume for Friar Tuck (Robin Hood
•Best Costume for Ghostgrabber T-Shirts (The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors)
•Best Best Prop for Staffs (Robin Hood
•Best Ad-Lib for “Violence Baguettes Violence”
•Best Ad-Lib for “What's a Switch?” “Well it's a Person Who Enjoys Both…” (Channel Hoppers)
•Best Ad-Lib for “We've Been Travelling So Long I Lost My Jumper on the Way” and “We've Been Standing Here So Long My Jumper Grew Back On!” (Channel Hoppers)
•The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act for Friar Tuck (Robin Hood)
2021•Best Audience Participation/Heckle for Jack committing identity theft in the YouTube chat (The Radio Show at the End of the World)
•Best Audience Participation/Heckle for “Oakley should get into positive nihilism” (The Radio Show at the End of the World)
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