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Helen Nightingale

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • Somerville from 2004

Family Tree


  • Katherine Oliver
  • Tom Reynolds


Michaelmas 2005Dick WhittingtonFairy Bow-Bells
Costume Mistress
Michaelmas 2006CinderellaCinderella
For finding, making and buying all the beautiful props
Michaelmas 2008Beauty and the BeastBeast Costume
Trinity 2010The Last Cow in NowheresvilleUgly Hench

Flosscar Nominations

2005•The 'beyond the call of duty award': for taking relativly large parts in pimpernell while also sitting Mods the next day
2007•Best heroine: for Cinderella (Cinderella)
•The 'Beyond the call of duty' award: for making the coach and all the other props.
•The 'Beyond the call of duty' award: for all the millions of facepainting in Alice.
•Best line-learner: (Cinderella)
2011•The “Ooh you luvvie” Award for actually being able to act for Ugly Hench (The Last Cow in Nowheresville)
•The “Beyond the Call of Duty” Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty for Ugly Hench (The Last Cow in Nowheresville)
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