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James Marsden

User Level : OULE
Colleges :

  • Corpus from 2006
  • Somerville from 2010
  • Corpus from 2011
  • Ex-Corpus from 2016

Family Tree




Michaelmas 2010Peter Pan The PantomimeLighting
Hilary 2011Batman: The PantomimeScarecrow
Michaelmas 2011The Snow QueenThanks to
A lot
Michaelmas 2013Happily Ever AfterTree
Hilary 2014007: The MusicalAgent 0010
Trinity 2014Why, JeevesJeeves
Michaelmas 2014The First GnoelDerek
Hilary 2015Intrepid!Spritzworthy
Trinity 2015Robin HoodGuy of Gisborne
Michaelmas 2015Fairest of them AllTechnical Advisor
Hilary 2017It’s All Greek To MeMindaros
Trinity 2017A Plaice in the SunIan
Hilary 2018The Sensational Story of the SplashLighting Technician
Hilary 2019Everyone Dies At The EndLighting Technician


Why, Jeeves

  • Newt-Filled Magical Show

Flosscar Wins

2012•The “Beyond the Call of Duty” Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty for repeated minibus driving, getting Corpus Auditorium, last minute teching, sorting out the constitution and reapplying to the Proctors despite not being on the committee
2013•Best Directing Team (Arthur! (or Fifty Shades of Grail))
2015•Best Double Act/Couple for Jeeves and Wooster (Why, Jeeves)
•Best Writer (Why, Jeeves)
2017•Most Spurious Accent for The Spartans (It’s All Greek To Me)
2018•Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal for the Lights (The Sensational Story of the Splash)

Flosscar Nominations

2012•Best Writer (Piracy!)
•Best Quote (during a show) for “Did someone order a large ham?” (Piracy!)
2013•Best Hero for Peter Pevensie (Narnia! (or Lions! Witches! Furniture!))
•Best fluff/fuck-up/cock-up during a performance for Merlin's (temporary) beard (Arthur! (or Fifty Shades of Grail))
2014•Best Quote (during a show) for “Oh, you mean my PENIS?” (007: The Musical)
2015•Most Spurious Accent for The Cameraman's rapidly disintegrating Scouse accent (The First Gnoel)
•Best cock-up backstage or during a rehearsal for Curtain malfunctions (Intrepid!)
2016•Most Spurious Accent for probably having done one at some point (Robin Hood)
2017•Best Double/Group Act for The Spartans (It’s All Greek To Me)
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