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Cinderella (Michaelmas, 2006)


  • Cinderella - Helen Nightingale|Helen “Ah, me!” Helen Nightingale|Nightingale (Somerville)
  • Prince Charming - Marc “In-bread for centuries” Gascoigne
  • Dandini - Kirsten “Have you been nicking the dairymaid's underwear again?” Sample
  • Buttons - James “Hello boys and girls!” Osun-Sanmi
  • Emphysema - Duncan “For I am a lady!” Coutts (Worcester)
  • Chlamydia - Thomas “How DARE you?!” Woolley (St Johns)
  • Evil Stepmother - Anna “Girls, I am at my most evil” Caughey
  • Fairy Godmother - Emily “I am good” Kerr
  • Baron Hardup - Laith “It's me! Hurrah!” Dilaimi
  • Queen - Kat “Put her down as a possible” Oliver
  • King - Phil “Won't you give me one?” Gemmell
  • Ethelred - Philip “Exudes nobility” Scott
  • Ogdred - Laurie “Wanted to call it Jeremy” Penny (Wadham)
  • Zebedee - Rob “A hard man to please” Morgan
  • Archie - Andrew “Deep pan, crisp and even” Jones
  • Freddie - Sian “Why don't you spin again?” Neilson
  • Sir Reg - Rory “Only one new pair of shoes a week” Morrison (Mansfield)
  • Cynthia - Nat “My fuuuuuuucking pash!” Mills (St Hilda's)
  • Lexi - Cassie “To the hunt!” McHugh
  • Messenger - Sian “Have you seen…?” Neilson
  • Servant - Lydia “Your Majesty!” Nicholas (Christ Church)
  • Tree of Truth - Emma “Fabled” Lewis
  • Monty - Jon Clark and Harry Lancaster
  • Carol Vorderman - Avi “I'm sure that's not right…” Agam
  • Des Lynam - Tom “I want you in dictionary corner” Perkins (New)
  • Morag - Carlea “Some posh toff's bint” Holl-Jensen
  • Swooning Girl 1 - rk “Lady in Waiting” hughes (hertford)
  • Swooning Girl 2 - Lydia “Oh, Prince Charming!” Nicholas (Christ Church)
  • Swooning Girl 3 - Cassie “Stunningly attractive” McHugh
  • Possible Bride 1 - Nat “Shame about the face” Mills (St Hilda's)
  • Possible Bride 2 - Lotty “It's such a pleasure!” Spurrell
  • Possible Bride 3 - Dan “Ello!” Rawnsley
  • Possible Bride 4 - Cassie “I am wife!” McHugh
  • Possible Bride 5 - Becky “Not remotely worthwhile” Ely
  • Helen Highwater - Jon “Some day my prince will come…” Foulds
  • Mrs Highwater - Lotty “Not til you're married!” Spurrell
  • Mr Highwater - Dan “Plenty more fish in the sea” Browne
  • Pirate 1 - Kate “Yarrrrrr!” Morris (St Hildas)
  • Pirate 2 - Alex “Prince Charrrrming!” Craven
  • Pi-rat -Becky “Yarrrrrr!” Ely
  • Buxom Wench - Emma “How about a couple of jugs?” Lewis
  • Hermione - rk “I didn't like Victor for his Quidditch skills” hughes (hertford)
  • Ron - William “You can't marry Hermione!” Minter (Wadham)
  • Time Fairy - beth “Tick-tock” rowell (St Hilda's)
  • Voice Over - Nat “Contemporararary dance” Mills (St Hilda's)
  • Courtier/Rah - Matthew “Where's the gin?” Robinson (Wadham)
  • Delainey Sisters - Rhianon Brooks, Avi Agam and Emma Lewis


  • Writers - Pennand and Muddle-Juniper
  • Acknowledgements to - Cooper, Haworth and Menzies
  • Director - beth rowell (St Hilda's)
  • Musical Director - William Minter (Wadham)
  • Props Manager - Lydia Nicholas (Christ Church)

Massive Thanks To

  • For Helping With The Light and Sound - Mark Roberts, Gillian Bradley, Keith Crothers and all the TAFF crew
  • For Finding, Making and Buying All the Beautiful Props - Lydia Nicholas (Christ Church) and Helen Nightingale (Somerville)
  • For Playing Piano Brilliant As Ever (Even on Children's Keyboards in Schools!) - William Minter (Wadham)
  • For Helping Us Learn The Songs - Phil Scott
  • For Painting the Fabulous Backdrop - Ashley Bond and Kate Morris (St Hildas)
  • For Getting Us to the Schools on Time - Emily Kerr
  • And… - Everyone who helped keep Beth as sane as possible


Script and Programme

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