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William Minter

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • Wadham from 2004


Michaelmas 2005Dick WhittingtonPi-rat 2
Musical Director
Michaelmas 2006CinderellaRon
Musical Director
For playing piano brilliant as ever (even on children's keyboards in schools!)

Flosscar Wins

2008•The Tom Reynolds Spurious Accent Award for His Entire cast (A Mystery in the Parlour)

Flosscar Nominations

2007•The “ooh you lovey” award for actually being able to act (non-heros/heriones/villains): for Cheshire Cat
2008•Best Play for The Body in the Parlour
•The Tom Reynolds Spurious Accent Award for writing the play (A Mystery in the Parlour)
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