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Jake Caudwell

User Level : OULE
Colleges :

  • Magdalen from 2019

Family Tree


Michaelmas 2020Cinderella The MusicalGranton Sheepsay
Hilary 2021Waiting for George-OMr Hubbard
Assistant Director

Flosscar Nominations

2021•Best Group/Double Act for The Chefs (Cinderella The Musical)
•Best Group/Double Act for The Teachers (Waiting for George-O)
•Best Spurious Accent for Granton Sheepsay (Cinderella The Musical)
•Best Directing Team for Waiting for George-O (Waiting for George-O)
•Best Worst Prop for The Chef's Kitchen Utensil Microphones (Cinderella The Musical)
•Best Best Prop for The Chef's Cheffing Implements (Cinderella The Musical)
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