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Diran Bodossian

User Level :Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • Balliol from 2011


Michaelmas 2011The Snow QueenTuuli
Michaelmas 2013Happily Ever AfterKaspar
Trinity 2014Why, JeevesRoderick Spode

Flosscar Wins

2013•Best Prop for Vibrating footstool (Narnia! (or Lions! Witches! Furniture!))

Flosscar Nominations

2012•Best Hero for Captain Trumpeter (Piracy!)
•The “M-Tropolis and M-Town” award for Best Double Act/Couple for Captain Trumpeter and Lady Vanity (Piracy!)
•The “Tom Reynolds” Award for most Spurious Accent for Tuuli (The Northern Wind) (The Snow Queen)
•Best Costume for Captain Trumpeter's 17th Century uniform (Piracy!)
•The “Ooh you luvvie” Award for actually being able to act for Captain Trumpeter (Piracy!)
2013•The “M-Tropolis and M-Town” award for Best Double Act/Couple for The Beast! (Arthur! (or Fifty Shades of Grail))
•Best Ad Lib for “Aslan's dead! Now let's go shift the blame on Simba!” (Narnia! (or Lions! Witches! Furniture!))
2015•Best Bad Guy/Villain for Sir Roderick Spode (Why, Jeeves)
•Best Ad Lib for “We will rise like a Golden Dawn and we won't stop 'til YouKip!” (Why, Jeeves)
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