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Cameron Alsop

User Level : OULE
Colleges :

  • St Catherine's from 2013
  • Former St Catherine's from 2016

Family Tree




Michaelmas 2015Fairest of them AllAll music arranged and played by
Hilary 2016Let’s Steal the Crown JewelsWriter
All music arranged and played by
Michaelmas 2016Evil Stepmothers’ ClubPianist
Trinity 2018Scones in the MorningMusical Director


Fairest of them All

  • Marry Me! (The Charming Song)
  • The Big Bad Wolf Song

Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels

  • How To Be A Scout
  • Betrayal Blues
  • Finale (Music)

Evil Stepmothers’ Club

  • Final Song

It’s All Greek To Me

  • A Little Bit of Adventure

Scones in the Morning

  • I Just Want to Play Cricket!
  • We are the Phillips-Phillips
  • Scones in the Morning

Flosscar Wins

Flosscar Nominations

2016•Best Writer(s) (Let’s Steal the Crown Jewels)
•Best Song for Marry Me! (Fairest of them All)
2017•Best Ad-Lib for Romeo and Juliet Theme… again (Evil Stepmothers’ Club)
•Best Ad-Lib for Romeo and Juliet Theme (Evil Stepmothers’ Club)
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