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Anna Spearing-Ewyn

User Level : OULE
Colleges :

  • St. John's College from 2011


Hilary 2014007: The MusicalSusan
Tiffany Chantilly
Michaelmas 2014The First GnoelErial
Genie 1
Hilary 2015Intrepid!The Real Genie
Trinity 2015Robin HoodMaid Marian
Michaelmas 2015Fairest of them AllTree #1
Snow White
Hilary 2016Let’s Steal the Crown JewelsJane Pistol
Trinity 2016Off With Their HeadsMad Hatter
Michaelmas 2016Evil Stepmothers’ ClubGretel


The First Gnoel

  • Rap Battle

Flosscar Wins

2016•Best Heroine for Maid Marian (Fairest of them All)
2017•Best Villain for The Mad Hatter (Off With Their Heads)
•The 'Ooh you luvvie' Award for Actually Being Able to Act for The Mad Hatter (Off With Their Heads)

Flosscar Nominations

2015•Best Bad Guy/Villain for Imp Erial (The First Gnoel)
2016•Best Double Act / Couple for Robin Hood and Maid Marian (Robin Hood)
2017•Best Double/Group Act for Hansel and Gretel (Evil Stepmothers’ Club)
•Best Double/Group Act for The Mad Tea Party (Off With Their Heads)
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