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Wind In The Willows (Hilary, 2003)

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Mugging, stripping, gangsters and Grand Theft Auto… All in a day's work for Toad, Moley and the rest of the riverbank residents.


  • Toad - Elizabeth “Villages - Wheeeee. Towns - Zooooom. Cities, countries, continents, Neeeeee-oooowwww! Poop-poop!” Baldwin (Wadham)
  • Ratty - noga “There is nothing, simply nothing, half so worth doing as simply messing about on the river!” zivan (Wadham)
  • Moley - C “An English mole's hole is his castle!” Howdle (Wadham)
  • Badger - Naomi “The old stripe-dog” Owen
  • Chief Weasel - Miles “Now take us. We're the best of enemies.” Gould
  • Me Sebastian - Christopher “I wouldn't trust this lot to see me across the road.” Nairne
  • Mr Julian - Duncan “Quite right. I'd push you under a tram, Mr Sebastian.” Coutts (Worcester)
  • Augustus - Lydia “I thought you only loved me for my car.” Menzies
  • Madeline Basset - Ruth “And wed ith thuch a pwetty colour!” Weyman
  • Judge - Sally “You really are a most naughty creature!” Close
  • Policeman - Keith “He called me. A brainless dimwit.” Crothers
  • Engine Driver - Jen “I don't hold with motorcars.” Hiu
  • Waitress - Jen “There's coldtonguecoldhamcoldbeefpickledgherkinspottedmeat.” Hiu
  • Sexy Bunny - Jen “Hello Ratty.” Hiu
  • Bargewoman - Emily “Come here, you h'abominable h'amphibian!” Burton
  • Horse - Sally Close and Ruth Weyman


  • Director - Miles Gould
  • Assistant Director - Ruth Weyman
  • Techie Stuff - Keith Crothers
  • Props -

Special Thanks to

  • For Props
    • Lily Steadman
    • Daniel Lloyd
    • Tom Eastcott
  • For Feeding Us - Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
  • And -
    • Andrea Watts
    • Emily Burton
    • Rhi Mogridge
  • Script by - James Needham and Ben Parker
  • Adapted from the book by - Kenneth Grahame

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best villainDuncan Coutts (Worcester) for a Weasel
Best Ad-LibDom Mattos (STB) for 'librarian of the month'
Best impersonation of a member of the animal kingdom impersonating a member of the opposite sexElizabeth Baldwin (Wadham) for Toad being Maddy
Duncan Coutts (Worcester) for Weasel being Maddy
Best double actKit
Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
Best impersonation of an animalC Howdle (Wadham) for Mole
Best dodgy accent/thpeech impedimentRuth for Maddie
Best caricature of oneselfMiles for head weasel

Flosscars Nominations

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