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A Charming Little Murder Mystery (Hilary, 2003)

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6 acquaintances are left with 1 hour to discover whodunnit when Chemistry tutor Dr. Stevenson mysteriously dies at his retirement party.


  • Teddy Morley - Harry “The man who was in as deep as Dr Stevenson; who may have pulled Dr Stevenson into assisting criminals” Ullman (Wadham)
  • Albert Worthington - Dom “Albert. The academic genius.” Mattos (STB)
  • Torrie Stevenson - Courtney “Stuck up, snobby academic's daughter who's more adept with a pen than a darning needle.” Frogge
  • Dr Amelius Steveson - Andrea “He's dead. He doesn't have the strength to move a fence!” Watts
  • John Hughes - Rhi “I don't let the meaning fade out of those sorts of memories.” Mogridge
  • Lucie Hughes - Julia “A girl with charm, intelligence, worldliness and the ability to play a decent left back on the hockey pitch.” Short
  • Ralph Klayton - Rose “Too worldly perhaps to be a gentlemen?” Stanley (Balliol)
  • Betty - Rebecca “What's all this commotion?” Wolpe
  • Elspeth - Clare “Dead!!!” Cruise


  • Directors - Dom Mattos (STB) and Rakesh Bungar
  • Producer - Julia Short and noga zivan (Wadham)
  • Advertising - Andrea Watts
  • Special Thanks (for stepping in to play Albert at the very last minute and just generally for being rather wonderful.) - Dom Mattos (STB)
  • By - C Howdle (Wadham)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

The ooh you lovey award for actually being able to actDom Mattos (STB) for Albert
Best on-stage fuck-up/mistakeRose for getting drunk on stage
Best last-minute ouleDom Mattos (STB) for Albert
Best inanimate objectThe tiny tea set
Best line-learnerDom Mattos (STB)

Flosscars Nominations

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