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Dracula (Hilary, 2004)


  • Dracula - Matthew “Most attractive package” Robinson (Wadham)
  • Jonathan Harker - Dom “Gorgeous” Mattos (STB)
  • Sexy Vamps - Helen Shield, Katherine Oliver and Maddi Leary
  • Lucy Westonra - Ruth “Ball Bouncingly Beautiful” Weyman
  • Mina Harker - Charli “There's more to a relationship than carnal pleasure” Massey
  • Jack Seward - Elizabeth “Wetter than a fish's wet bits” Baldwin (Balliol)
  • Arthur Holmewood - Sally “I do a rather good line in rough shag” Close
  • Quincey C Morris - Duncan “There's nothing like a good rogering” Coutts (Worcester)
  • Butler - Christopher “Talent oozes from every pore” Nairne
  • Maid - Mark “Knees apart she's the greatest” Jenkins
  • Sister Sledge - Laura “I've go all my sisters with me” Horgan
  • Sister Act - Katherine “Tell him to drop his trousers” Oliver
  • Sister Maria - Maddi “But I need a wimple…” Leary
  • Sister Agatha - Ariel “Were we supposed to bring presents?” Gaines
  • Ship's Captain - Mark “No-one tosses themselves off on my ship” Jenkins
  • Olgaron - Paul “There's something going on on this ship cap'n” Miyagawa
  • Navy -
    • Maddi Leary
    • Katherine Oliver
    • Helen Shield
    • Laura Horgan
    • Natalie Wells
    • Ariel Gaines
    • Andrea Watts
  • O'Connell - Harry “Mad as a button” Ullman (Wadham)
  • Renfield - Louise “Strange and off-puting” Sherlock (St John's)
  • Goths - Helen Shield and Paul Miyagawa
  • Monty - As Himself
  • Van Helsing - Tom “Craizy” Reynolds
  • Priest - Mark “Hallowed is not a name” Jenkins
  • Mary - Nicole Gera and Helen Shield


  • Director - Andrea “Looks like the Virgin Mary” Watts
  • Amazing Musicians - Simon Meredith, Will Bartlett and Russell Whitehead
  • All Animals - Sally “I could make you one of those” Close
  • Writer - Andrea Watts

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best HeroDom Mattos (STB) for Jonathon
The “oooh, you luvvie!” award for actually being able to actLouise Sherlock (St John's) for Renfield
The “Beyond the call of Duty” AwardSally for making Monty and Gerald
Best PropThe Gravestones
Best Pantomime AnimalMonty
Best impersonation of a member of the opposite sexSally for Arthur
Best Line-learnerTom
Best CorpseMatthew Robinson (Wadham) for Dracula (and specifically for wonderful urgling in Bohemian Rapsody)
Best Dodgy Accent / Thpeecth ImpedimenthTom for Van Helsing

Flosscars Nominations

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