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Cinderella (Michaelmas, 2006)


Cinderella-Helen Nightingale (Somerville)
"Ah, me!"
Prince Charming-Marc Gascoigne
"In-bread for centuries"
Dandini-Kirsten Sample
"Have you been nicking the dairymaid's underwear again?"
Buttons-James Osun-Sanmi
"Hello boys and girls!"
Emphysema-Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
"For I am a lady!"
Chlamydia-Thomas Woolley (St Johns)
"How DARE you?!"
Evil Stepmother-Anna Caughey
"Girls, I am at my most evil"
Fairy Godmother-Emily Kerr
"I am good"
Baron Hardup-Laith Dilaimi
"It's me! Hurrah!"
Queen-Kat Oliver
"Put her down as a possible"
King-Phil Gemmell
"Won't you give me one?"
Ethelred-Philip Scott
"Exudes nobility"
Ogdred-Laurie Penny (Wadham)
"Wanted to call it Jeremy"
Zebedee-Rob Morgan
"A hard man to please"
Archie-Andrew Jones
"Deep pan, crisp and even"
Freddie-Sian Neilson
"Why don't you spin again?"
Sir Reg-Rory Morrison (Mansfield)
"Only one new pair of shoes a week"
Cynthia-Nat Mills (St Hilda's)
"My fuuuuuuucking pash!"
Lexi-Cassie McHugh
"To the hunt!"
Messenger-Sian Neilson
"Have you seen...?"
Servant-Lydia Nicholas (Christ Church)
"Your Majesty!"
Tree of Truth-Emma Lewis
Monty-Jon Clark
Harry Lancaster
Carol Vorderman-Avi Agam
"I'm sure that's not right..."
Des Lynam-Tom Perkins (New)
"I want you in dictionary corner"
Morag-Carlea Holl-Jensen
"Some posh toff's bint"
Swooning Girl 1-rk hughes (hertford)
"Lady in Waiting"
Swooning Girl 2-Lydia Nicholas (Christ Church)
"Oh, Prince Charming!"
Swooning Girl 3-Cassie McHugh
"Stunningly attractive"
Possible Bride 1-Nat Mills (St Hilda's)
"Shame about the face"
Possible Bride 2-Lotty Spurrell
"It's such a pleasure!"
Possible Bride 3-Dan Rawnsley
Possible Bride 4-Cassie McHugh
"I am wife!"
Possible Bride 5-Becky Ely
"Not remotely worthwhile"
Helen Highwater-Jon Foulds
"Some day my prince will come..."
Mrs Highwater-Lotty Spurrell
"Not til you're married!"
Mr Highwater-Dan Browne
"Plenty more fish in the sea"
Pirate 1-Kate Morris (St Hildas)
Pirate 2-Alex Craven
"Prince Charrrrming!"
Pi-Rat-Becky Ely
Buxom Wench-Emma Lewis
"How about a couple of jugs?"
Hermione-rk hughes (hertford)
"I didn't like Victor for his Quidditch skills"
Ron-William Minter (Wadham)
"You can't marry Hermione!"
Time Fairy-beth rowell (St Hilda's)
Voice Over-Nat Mills (St Hilda's)
"Contemporararary dance"
Courtier/Rah-Matthew Robinson (Wadham)
"Where's the gin?"
Delainey Sisters-Rhianon Brooks
Avi Agam
Emma Lewis
"feeling really really ill"
The Team
Acknowledgements to-Cooper
Director-beth rowell (St Hilda's)
Musical Director-William Minter (Wadham)
Props Manager-Lydia Nicholas (Christ Church)
Massive thanks to
For helping with the light and sound-Mark Roberts
Gillian Bradley
Keith Crothers
all the TAFF crew
For finding, making and buying all the beautiful props-Lydia Nicholas (Christ Church)
Helen Nightingale (Somerville)
For playing piano brilliant as ever (even on children's keyboards in schools!)-William Minter (Wadham)
For helping us learn the songs-Phil Scott
For painting the fabulous backdrop-Ashley Bond
Kate Morris (St Hildas)
For getting us to the schools on time-Emily Kerr
And...-Everyone who helped keep Beth as sane as possible

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Flosscars Nominations

Best hero:Marc for Prince Charming
Kirsty for Dandini
James for Buttons
Best heroine:Helen Nightingale (Somerville) for Cinderella
Best villain:Anna for Evil Stepmother
Best inanimate object:Emma for the Tree of Truth
Best line-learner:Helen Nightingale (Somerville)
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