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Dick Whittington (Michaelmas, 2005)

A Muddle-Juniper and Mercuria Script


Cast List
Dick Whittington-Hannah Veale (St. Hilda's)
"I'm rugged and manly!"
Tommy the Cat-Laurie Penny (Wadham)
"You don't scare me!"
Sarah the Cook-Dom Mattos (STB)
"I'll have you know that men throw flowers at my feet"
Idle Jack-Thomas Woolley (St Johns)
"That's just to cover up the smell!"
Alice Fitzwarren-beth rowell (St Hilda's)
Alderman Fitzwarren-Elizabeth Baldwin (Balliol)
"I've got Health and Safety on my back. See?"
Theodora Fitzwarren-Elizabeth Shanahan (St Hilda's)
"It says, in the Bible,"
Baz-Chris Outen
"Eugh! It's all swollen!"
Gaz-Lydia Nicholas (Christ Church)
"HP is always a reliable source"
Daz-Andrew Campbell
"I think it's better in the bush than in the hand"
Captain Biggenheard-Gemunu Cooray (Exeter)
""Yarr!" Sorry, it's a reflex"
(A parrot)
-Gemunu Cooray (Exeter)
"Trouble! Where? Squark!"
Fairy Bow-Bells-Helen Nightingale (Somerville)
"The Spirit of the Bells is a double gin with lime"
Queen Rat-Emma Lewis
"And when you all me Madam, quake with fear!"
Terence Rat-Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
"Get rid of Dick, and you get rid of Pussy"
Reginald Rat-Nat Mills (St Hilda's)
"Because I don't look remotely like a girl!"
Algernon Rat-Emily Kerr
"Yes, Oh supreme ratbag!"
Captain Black-Whiskers-Harry Ullman (Wadham)
Pi-rat 1-Philip Scott
Pi-rat 2-William Minter (Wadham)
Sultan Vinegar-Philip Gemmell
"And then she battered my sausage!"
Judge-Helen Walter-Swann
"This is a farce!"
Counsel for the Defence-Philip Gemmell
"I don't know why I bothered!"
Counsel for the Prosecution-Lara Nelson
"Ith this tewwible"
Solicitor for the Defence-Sian Nielson
"You look more like an estate agent to me!"
Auxiliary Fairy 1-Helen Shield
"That's just rude!"
Auxiliary Fairy 2-Katherine Oliver
"at least I'm not drunk and lewd"
Guard 1-Neil James Tarrant (St Catz)
"It has a number in it, so it must be important"
Guard 2-Matthew Robinson (Wadham)
"A tall, dashing, long-haired young man in your service"
Policeman-Merlin Fulcher
"'ello 'ello 'ello!"
Old Crone-Kirsten Sample
"Beware the high heels of Devon!"
The Radio-Joey Clark
"One hundred and one things to do with a sausage!"
The Team
Written by-Dom Mattos (STB)
Director-Dom Mattos (STB)
"Well, we'll have to do it again then, won't we? Whoops!"
Co-Director-Laurie Penny (Wadham)
"Alright then boys and girls"
Musical Director-William Minter (Wadham)
"Well, at least the bing-bongs are going okay"
Costume Mistress-Helen Nightingale (Somerville)
"Gam, this is your stunt parrot. Be nice to him!"
Lighting Designer-Mark Roberts
Fight Choreography-C Howdle (Wadham)
"Remember the knap!"
Dance Choreography-Hannah Veale (St. Hilda's)
"Shall we go through that one more time?"
Thanks to
(for making Dom's lovely Dame costume!)
-Jocelyne Mattos

Script and Programme

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