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 ===== Flosscars Nominations ===== ===== Flosscars Nominations =====
 +|**Best hero**|[[member:​Gemunu Cooray]] //​(Exeter)//​ for Scarlet Pimpernel|
 +|**Best villain**|[[member:​Matthew Robinson]] //​(Wadham)//​ for Degas|
 +|**The ooh you lovey award for actually being able to act**|[[member:​Nat Mills]] //(St Hilda'​s)//​ for Marguerite|
 +|**Best ad-lib**|[[member:​Dom Mattos]] //(STB)// for "​Bestiality'​s really rather bad..."​ "O, no it isn'​t!"​ \\ [[member:​Duncan Coutts]] //​(Worcester)//​ for preponderance of cabbage|
 +|**Best prop/piece of scenery**|Cabbages \\ It's big and it's green, it's a magic machine...|
 +|**Best costume**|Scarlet league|
 +|**Best song**|Tea! \\ Mme Margot (+ dance)|
 +|**Best dodgy French (non Tom) accent**|Emma \\ Kit|
 +|**Best Tom accent**|Tom for Claude|
 +|**Best cross-dresser**|[[member:​Gemunu Cooray]] //​(Exeter)//​ for Pimpernel|
 +|**Best performance at a cast party**|CULES who joined us \\ Phil Scott for volunteering to go with the wadham porter when he appeared after pimpernel despite not being at wadham. or oxford...|
 +|**Best caricature of oneself**|[[member:​Gemunu Cooray]] //​(Exeter)//​ for the Scarlet Pimpernel|
 {{topic>​scarlet pimpernel +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}} {{topic>​scarlet pimpernel +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}}
 {{tag>​show}} {{tag>​show}}
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