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 ===== Cast ===== ===== Cast =====
-  * **Part** - Actor //"Quote"// +  * **Poirot** - [[member:​Jonathan Sims|Jonathan]] ​//"Straighter than an incredibly straight arrow designed to fly in a straight line"// [[member:​Jonathan Sims|Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)// 
 +  * **Hastings** - [[member:​Samuel Swinnerton|Samuel]] //"My hair is unusually bouncy"//​ [[member:​Samuel Swinnerton|Swinnerton]] //​(Queen'​s)//​ 
 +  * **Sergeant Higgins** - [[member:​Martin Corcoran|Martin]] //"​soft as pussings"//​ [[member:​Martin Corcoran|Corcoran]] //(St. Edmund Hall)// 
 +  * **Miss Green** - [[member:​Hannah Snell|Hannah]] //"​awfully large swallow"//​ [[member:​Hannah Snell|Snell]] //​(Balliol)//​ 
 +  * **Mrs Green** - [[member:​Jessica Law|Jessica]] //"If I wasn't so emotionally repressed, I'd slap you"// [[member:​Jessica Law|Law]] //​(St.Anne'​s)//​ 
 +  * **Mr Green <​sub>​(Tuesday and Wednesday)</​sub>​** - [[member:​Matthew Williams|Matthew]] //"​strawberry tart"//​ [[member:​Matthew Williams|Williams]] //​(mansfield)//​ 
 +  * **Mr Green <​sub>​(Thursday)</​sub>​** - [[member:​Rory Morrison|Rory]] //"​quack!"//​ [[member:​Rory Morrison|Morrison]] //​(Mansfield)//​ 
 +  * **Mrs White** - rk //"​cantankerous old bitch"//​ hughes //​(hertford)//​ 
 +  * **Miss Scarlet** - [[member:​Emma New|Emma]] //"​soon you'll be over her and under me!"// [[member:​Emma New|New]] //(St Hildas)// 
 +  * **Parker** - [[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury|Perry]] //"​comic fainting"//​ [[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury|Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Mansfield)//​ 
 +  * **Miss Lemon** - [[member:​Sasha McKenna|Sasha]] [[member:​Sasha McKenna|McKenna]] //(St Hildas)// 
 +  * **Mr Musard** - Anselm //"​exploring the crevices"//​ Aston 
 +  * **Archie the Policeman** - [[member:​Alice Young|Alice]] //"​light relief"//​ [[member:​Alice Young|Young]] //​(Hertford)//​ 
 +  * **Eldritch the Policeman <​sub>​(Tuesday and Wednesday)</​sub>​** - [[member:​Alice Young|Alice]] [[member:​Alice Young|Young]] //​(Hertford)//​ 
 +  * **Eldritch the Policeman <​sub>​(Thursday)</​sub>​** - [[member:​Matthew Williams|Matthew]] [[member:​Matthew Williams|Williams]] //​(mansfield)//​ 
 +  * **Wedding Guest 1** - [[member:​Eilise Norris|Eilise]] //"​here to pick up insecure bridesmaids"//​ [[member:​Eilise Norris|Norris]] //​(Mansfield)//​ 
 +  * **Wedding Guest 2** - [[member:​Felicity White|Felicity]] //"​what was that abour my flower garden?"//​ [[member:​Felicity White|White]] //​(Merton)//​
 ===== Production ===== ===== Production =====
 +  * **Written by** - [[member:​Sasha McKenna|Sasha]] //"​your mum"// [[member:​Sasha McKenna|McKenna]] //(St Hildas)//
 +  * **Director** - [[member:​Kate Morris|Kate]] //"ham it up, lead with your boobs"//​ [[member:​Kate Morris|Morris]] //(St Hildas)//
 +  * **Musical Director** - [[member:​Samuel Swinnerton|Samuel]] //"​hands of blue"//​ [[member:​Samuel Swinnerton|Swinnerton]] //​(Queen'​s)//​
 +  * **Songs by:**
 +    * [[member:​Jessica Law]] //​(St.Anne'​s)//​
 +    * [[member:​Fabby Styles]] //(Oriel)//
 +    * [[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)//
 +    * [[member:​Samuel Swinnerton]] //​(Queen'​s)//​
 ===== Script and Programme ===== ===== Script and Programme =====
 ===== Flosscars Wins ===== ===== Flosscars Wins =====
 +|**Best Song**|[[member:​Jessica Law]] //​(St.Anne'​s)//​ for The Plotting Song|
 ===== Flosscars Nominations ===== ===== Flosscars Nominations =====
 +|**Best Hero**|[[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for Poirot|
 +|**Best Bad Guy/​Villain**|[[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// for Miss Scarlet \\ [[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for Professor Plum|
 +|**The "​M-Tropolis and M-Town"​ award for Best Double Act/​Couple**|[[member:​Hannah Snell]] //​(Balliol)//​ and Anselm Aston for Miss Green and Mr Mustard \\ [[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ and [[member:​Samuel Swinnerton]] //​(Queen'​s)//​ for Poirot and Hastings|
 +|**The "Tom Reynolds"​ Award for most Spurious Accent**|[[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for Poirot|
 +|**Best Directing Team**|[[member:​Kate Morris]] //(St Hildas)// and [[member:​Samuel Swinnerton]] //​(Queen'​s)//​|
 +|**Best Writer**|[[member:​Sasha McKenna]] //(St Hildas)//|
 +|**Best Song**|[[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// for Oh Miss Scarlet|
 +|**Best Costume**|[[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for His moustache in Poirot \\ [[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// for Miss Scarlett / French Maid|
 +|**Best fluff/​fuck-up/​cock-up during a performance**|[[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// for Concussing the audience. \\ [[member:​Rory Morrison]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for Epic beer fail - the best pratfall I've ever seen|
 +|**Best Ad Lib**|[[member:​Sasha McKenna]] //(St Hildas)// for giving Hastings a hand-job in the final song of Poirot \\ [[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for "I hope have a long, 'appy life stealing childrens pokemon together."​|
 +|**Best Quote (during a show)**|[[member:​Jessica Law]] //​(St.Anne'​s)//​ and [[member:​Sasha McKenna]] //(St Hildas)// for "If I wasn't so emotionally repressed, I'd slap you."|
 +|**The "Ooh you luvvie"​ Award for actually being able to act**|[[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// for Miss Scarlet \\ [[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for Poirot|
 {{topic>​poirot +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}} {{topic>​poirot +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}}
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