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 ====== Jack and the Beanstalk (Michaelmas,​ 2004) ====== ====== Jack and the Beanstalk (Michaelmas,​ 2004) ======
-[[shows:​first|First]] | [[shows:canterbury_tale|Previous]] | [[shows:​scarlet_pimpernel|Next]] | [[shows:​latest|Latest]]+[[shows:​first|First]] | [[shows:canterbury_tales|Previous]] | [[shows:​scarlet_pimpernel|Next]] | [[shows:​latest|Latest]]
 ===== Cast ===== ===== Cast =====
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 |**Best corpse**|Helen and Kat for the Marge and Tina song| |**Best corpse**|Helen and Kat for the Marge and Tina song|
 ===== Flosscars Nominations ===== ===== Flosscars Nominations =====
 +|**Best hero**|[[member:​Laurie Penny]] //​(Wadham)//​ for Jack|
 +|**Best heroine**|[[member:​Louise Sherlock]] //(St John'​s)//​ for Princess Tamara \\ Sal for Anna Key|
 +|**Best villain**|[[member:​Harry Ullman]] //​(Wadham)//​ and [[member:​Duncan Coutts]] //​(Worcester)//​ for the Giant|
 +|**The ooh you lovey award for actually being able to act**|Sophie for Queen|
 +|**Best ad-lib**|Kit for oh, look, my comedy shrub has become a post-box"​ \\ [[member:C Howdle]] //​(Wadham)//​ and Rose for making use of the duplicate prop "Not ze portrait of Marie Antoinette. Hand it over. And ze other one...."​|
 +|**Best duo/​trio**|[[member:​Duncan Coutts]] //​(Worcester)//​ and [[member:​Harry Ullman]] //​(Wadham)//​ for the Giant \\ Kit, [[member:C Howdle]] //​(Wadham)//​ and Rose for Claude/​Claudette/​Marianne \\ Katherine and Helen for Marge and Tina|
 +|**The '​beyond the call of duty award'​**|Tom and [[member:​Dom Mattos]] //(STB)// for the slosh scene|
 +|**Best quote**|Katherine for "Well the problem is we're just not going to have enough hoes!"​|
 +|**Best prop/piece of scenery**|The beanstalk!!|
 +|**Best line learner**|Tom for being line perfect by about 4th week|
 +|**Best costume**|Giant costume|
 +|**Best song**|Marge and Tina \\ It'll all end in divorce|
 +|**Best dodgy French (non Tom) accent**|Kit \\ Rose and [[member:C Howdle]] //​(Wadham)//​ for actually having real French accents|
 +|**Best Tom accent**|Tom for Paddy|
 +|**Best fuck up**|Tom for "​Flora!"​ when laurie said "​it'​s daisy...the cow!" \\ Rabbit in the slosh scene|
 +|**Best performance at a cast party**|[[member:​Dom Mattos]] //(STB)// for Being in black tie and very pissed \\ [[member:​Laurie Penny]] //​(Wadham)//​|
 +|**Best corpse**|[[member:​Harry Ullman]] //​(Wadham)//​ for when Duncan was made to drink pure alcohol and almost dropped him|
 +|**Best caricature of oneself**|Sally for Anna Key|
 {{topic>​jack and the beanstalk +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}} {{topic>​jack and the beanstalk +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}}
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