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 |**The "Dan Artus" Award for Best Worst Line-learner**|[[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for Father Lawrence| |**The "Dan Artus" Award for Best Worst Line-learner**|[[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for Father Lawrence|
 ===== Flosscars Nominations ===== ===== Flosscars Nominations =====
 +|**Best Hero**|[[member:​Jenni Goodchild]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for Hamlet|
 +|**Best Heroine**|[[member:​Rhoslyn Beckwith]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for Juliet|
 +|**Best Bad Guy / Villain**|[[member:​Martin Corcoran]] //(St. Edmund Hall)// for MacBeth \\ Pippin //​(Magdalen)//,​ [[member:​Aya Matsumoto]] and [[member:​Ben Below]] //​(Worcester)//​ for The Witches|
 +|**The "​M-Tropolis and M-Town"​ award for Best Double Act/​Couple**|[[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ and [[member:​Sam Young]] //​(Worcester)//​ for Nursey and Father Lawrence \\ [[member:​Jessica Law]] //​(St.Anne'​s)//​ and [[member:​Bryn Griffiths]] //(New College)// for Shakespeare and Marlowe|
 +|**Best Portrayal of a Member of the Opposite Sex**|[[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// for Romeo \\ [[member:​Alice Young]] //​(Hertford)//​ for Mercutio \\ [[member:​Jenni Goodchild]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for Hamlet|
 +|**The "Tom Reynolds"​ Award for most Spurious Accent**|[[member:​Martin Corcoran]] //(St. Edmund Hall)// for MacBeth|
 +|**Best Directing Team**|[[member:​Aya Matsumoto]],​ [[member:​Ben Below]] //​(Worcester)//​ and [[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Ex-Mansfield)//​ |
 +|**Best Song**|[[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Ex-Mansfield)//​ for So Much Fun to be a Shakespeare Zombie|
 +|**Best Costume**|[[member:​Martin Corcoran]] //(St. Edmund Hall)// for MacBeth \\ [[member:​Alice Young]] //​(Hertford)//​ for Mercutio \\ [[member:​Rhoslyn Beckwith]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for Juliet'​s Wedding Dress \\ [[member:​Olivia Upchurch]] //(Jesus)// for her dress (post paddling pool...)|
 +|**Best Prop**|[[member:​Morgan Wilkinson]] //​(Hertford)//​ and [[member:​Rebecca Nightingale]] //(Filthy Brooks Interloper)//​ for The Balcony|
 +|**Best fluff/​fuck-up/​cock-up during a performance**|[[member:​Rhoslyn Beckwith]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for forgetting the song and singing "I don't know what the words are" instead \\ [[member:​Olivia Upchurch]] //(Jesus)// and the paddling pool for failed trajectories|
 +|**Best Ad Lib**|[[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for the crime fighting with Jesus dream \\ [[member:​Marcus Garner-Hatcher]] //​(Lincoln)//​ for being a tree \\ [[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ and [[member:​Martin Corcoran]] (//St. Edmund Hall)// for "​Aaargh! Thar be Oxford, ripe for the plunderin'​!"​ / "Och Aye, I'm in trouble again!"​ \\ [[member:​Martin Corcoran]] //(St. Edmund Hall)// for nothing specific, as all his lines seemed as-libbed...|
 +|**The "Dan Artus" Award for Best Worst Line-learner**|[[member:​Richard Owen]] //​(Ex-Lincoln)//​ for Montague 2|
 +|**The "Ooh you luvvie"​ Award for actually being able to act**|[[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// for Romeo \\ [[member:​Martin Corcoran]] //(St. Edmund Hall)// for MacBeth \\ [[member:​Jonathan Sims]] //(St. Hilda'​s)//​ for Father Lawrence|
 +|**The "​Beyond the Call of Duty" Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty**|[[member:​Sam Young]] //​(Worcester)//​ for having to kiss Jonny|
 {{topic>​tragedy +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}} {{topic>​tragedy +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}}
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