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The Snow Queen (Michaelmas, 2011)


  • Gerda - Ellie “Dorothy” Armstrong
  • Kay - Joe “Word Games” Hermaszewski (Oriel)

Inhabitants of the Magical World

  • Jardis (The Snow Queen) - Emma “do or do not” Slattery (Merton)
  • Jareth (The Goblin King) - Thomas “little girls getting trapped in big mazes” Little (Hertford)
  • Aurora (The Fairy of the Northern Lights) - Jenni “I'm older than I look!” Godchild (Mansfield)

The Snow Queen's Court

  • Püsh (A goblin - Tuesday and Wednesday) - rob “I don't get it…” woolley (keble)
  • Püsh (A goblin - Thursday) - Rebecca “my knees” Nightingale (Filthy Brooks Interloper)
  • Shöve (A goblin) - Adrian “It's all part of the plan” Clayton (Hertford (Graduated))
  • Jakob (A professor) - Tim “Vat is all zis equipment?” Ledsam (Hertford)
  • Gregor (An equally proficient professor) - Ben “great undead tsunami” Below (Worcester)
  • Igor (An Igor) - Jonathan “Thecthual Prowethth” Lipscombe (Mansfield)
  • Tuuli (The Northern Wind) - Diran “One in the eye” Bodossian (Balliol)
  • Lumi (A Snowflake) - Morgan “Shut up, Bryn!” Wilkinson (Hertford)
  • Pyry (A Snowflake) - Clem “I only have one line to quote from!” Decau (Jesus College)
  • Tuisku (A Snowflake) - stephanie “Cliff-face” clarke (Hertford)

Inhabitants of the Big City

  • Greta (Gerda's Grandmother) - Bob “Million dollar figure” Hunt
  • Dieter - Bryn “caught by the ghosts” Griffiths (New College)
  • Dietmar - Emma “But I'm scared of the dark” New (St Hildas)
  • Dietrich - Sam “I was all for running away!” Young (Worcester)
  • Jens (A villager) - Péter “Bad jokes 'til morning light” Connell
  • Lars (A villager) - Christopher “OK here goes” Webster

The Flower Garden

  • The Old Crone - Rachel “Now I shall have her as “company”!” Hughes
  • Snowdrop - Alice “oh no, the crone's coming back!” Young (Hertford)
  • Buttercup - Merlin “it's glorious” Seller
  • Hyacinth - Alexandra “well we've got a smart one here” Brinkmann-Young
  • Bluebell - Marianne “She's a nice old woman, but she is lonely” McKenzie

The Palace of Kleinstadt

  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor

The Band of Robbers

  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor

Gerda's Friends in the North

  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor
  • Part - Actor

And, by Special Magic and Science

  • Part - Actor



Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Flosscars Nominations

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