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   * **BAron von Top Trump** - [[member:​Georgie Atton|Georgie]] //"20 feet high"//​ [[member:​Georgie Atton|Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​   * **BAron von Top Trump** - [[member:​Georgie Atton|Georgie]] //"20 feet high"//​ [[member:​Georgie Atton|Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​
   * **Treasurer Uno** - [[member:​Sofia Gomezllata|Sofia]] //"I said is threateningly"//​ [[member:​Sofia Gomezllata|Gomezllata]] //(St Anne'​s)//​   * **Treasurer Uno** - [[member:​Sofia Gomezllata|Sofia]] //"I said is threateningly"//​ [[member:​Sofia Gomezllata|Gomezllata]] //(St Anne'​s)//​
-  * **White Rabbit** - [[member:​Leo Tucker|Leo]] //"​Damn it, Tom"// [[member:​Leo Tucker|Tucker]] //​(Wadham)//​+  * **White Rabbit** - [[member:​Leo Tucker|Leo]] //"​Damn it, Katie"// [[member:​Leo Tucker|Tucker]] //​(Wadham)//​
 ==== The Knaves ==== ==== The Knaves ====
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 ===== Production ===== ===== Production =====
-  * **Director** - [[member:​Jasper Russell|Jasper]] //"​That still means beef"//​ [[member:​Jasper Russell|Russell]] //​(Merton)//​ +  * **Director** - [[member:​Jasper ​Rose Russell|Jasper ​Rose]] //"​That still means beef"//​ [[member:​Jasper ​Rose Russell|Russell]] //​(Merton)//​ 
-  * **Assistant Director** - [[memberSebastian ​Fox|Sebastian]] //"​I'​ve been meaning to do this"//​ [[memberSebastian ​Fox|Fox]] //​(Mansfield)//​ +  * **Assistant Director** - [[member:​Sebastian ​Fox|Sebastian]] //"​I'​ve been meaning to do this"//​ [[member:​Sebastian ​Fox|Fox]] //​(Mansfield)//​ 
- +  * **Assistant Director** ​[[member:Kiwi Apteryx-Tokoeka|Kiwi]] //"​Thanks,​ Katie"//​ [[member:​Kiwi Apteryx-Tokoeka|Apteryx-Tokoeka]] //(Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters)// 
-ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Kiwi Apteryx-Tokoeka (Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters) +  * **Writer** ​[[member:​Katie Moore|Katie]] //"less rambling, more nonsense"​// [[member:​Katie|Moore]] //​(Magdalen)//​ 
-"​Thanks,​ Tom" +  * **Co-Producer-And-Musical-Director** ​[[member:Georgie Atton|Georgie]] //"Major Pants"// [[member:Georgie Atton|Atton]] //(Somerville)// and [[member:​Katie Moore|Katie]] //"​General bum"// [[member:​Katie Moore|Moore]] //​(Magdalen)//​ 
-WRITER - Tom Lear (Magdalen) +  * **Photography and Art** - [[member:​Georgie Atton|Georgie]] //"in Alex's nostril"​// [[member:​Georgie Atton|Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​ 
-"less rambling, more nonsense"​ +  * **MAke-Up** - Amina //"who else needs a face?"// Clayton
-CO-PRODUCER-AND-MUSICAL-DIRECTOR - Georgie Atton (Somerville) +
-Tom Lear (Magdalen) +
-"Major Pants" +
-PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART - Georgie Atton (Somerville) +
-"in Alex's nostril"​ +
-MAKE-UP - Amina ​Clayton +
-"who else needs a face?"+
 ===== Songs ===== ===== Songs =====
 +  * **The Quintessential Qualities of the Queenly Queen of Hearts** - [[member:​Judith Moore|Judith]] //"​What rhymes with Hearts?"//​ [[member:​Judith Moore|Moore]] //​(Balliol)//​
 +  * **Bake it Off** - [[member:​Katie Moore|Katie]] //"Not even sorry"//​ [[member:​Katie Moore|Moore]] //​(Magdalen)//​ and [[member:​Georgie Atton|Georgie]] //"You should be"// [[member:​Georgie Atton|Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​
 +  * **Off With Their Heads!** [[member:​Judith Moore|Judith]] //"Why do I have finals?"//​ [[member:​Judith Moore|Moore]] //​(Balliol)//​
 +  * **Off With Their Heads?** - [[member:​Georgie Atton|Georgie]] //"Oh just make it up"// [[member:​Georgie Atton|Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​
 +  * **Croquet till you Croak** - [[member:​Judith Moore|Judith]] //"​Katie,​ stop making up quotes for me"// [[member:​Judith Moore|Moore]] //​(Balliol)//​
 +  * **About Time** - [[member:​Katie Moore|Katie]] //“Hehe, bum”// [[member:​Katie Moore|Moore]] //​(Magdalen)//​ and [[member:​Georgie Atton|Georgie]] //“Hehe, stop”// [[member:​Georgie Atton|Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​
 +  * **Don'​t Lose Your Head** - [[member:​Katie Moore|Katie]] //​“Beheading is a crime”// [[member:​Katie Moore|Moore]] //​(Magdalen)//​ and [[member:​Georgie Atton|Georgie]] //“Stop plagiarising!"//​ [[member:​Georgie Atton|Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​
 ===== Script and Programme ===== ===== Script and Programme =====
 +{{ :​shows:​owth_script.pdf |}}
 ===== Flosscars Wins ===== ===== Flosscars Wins =====
 +|**Best Villain**|[[member:​Anna Spearing-Ewyn]] //(St. John's College)// for The Mad Hatter|
 +|**The 'Ooh you luvvie'​ Award for Actually Being Able to Act**|[[member:​Anna Spearing-Ewyn]] //(St. John's College)// for The Mad Hatter|
 ===== Flosscars Nominations ===== ===== Flosscars Nominations =====
 +|**Best Hero**|[[member:​James Carter]] //​(Ex-Magdalen)//​ for Hedgehog No. 3|
 +|**Best Heroine**|[[member:​Beth Mabbutt]] //(LMH)// for Queen of Hearts \\ [[member:​Frances Livesey]] //(Corpus Christi)// for Alice|
 +|**Best Villain**|[[member:​Ana Pagu]] //(St. Edmund Hall)// for Dormouse \\ [[member:​Georgie Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​ for Baron von Top Trump|
 +|**Best Morally Ambiguous Person**|Alex Marcus for The Ace of Spades \\ [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for Cheshire Cat \\ Orlanda Edmonds for Queen of Diamonds|
 +|**Best Double/​Group Act**|[[member:​Anna Spearing-Ewyn]] //(St. John's College)//, [[member:​Maria Stroyakovski]] //(Keble)// and [[member:​Ana Pagu]] //(St. Edmund Hall)// for The Mad Tea Party \\ [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ and [[member:​Rob Selth]] //(Univ)// for Cheshire Cat and Dodo|
 +|**Best Couple**|[[member:​Beth Mabbutt]] //(LMH)// and Orlanda Edmonds for The Queens|
 +|**Most Spurious Accent**|[[member:​Benjamin Kybett]] //​(Magdalen)//​ for The Knave of Spades \\ [[member:​Georgie Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​ for Baron von Top Trump|
 +|**Best Directing Team**|[[member:​Jasper Rose Russell]] //​(ex-Merton)//,​ [[member:​Kiwi Apteryx-Tokoeka]] //(Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters)//​ and [[member:​Sebastian Fox]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for Off With Their Heads|
 +|**Best Writer(s)**|[[member:​Katie Moore]] //​(Ex-Magdalen)//​ and [[member:​Georgie Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​ for Off With Their Heads|
 +|**Best Song**|[[member:​Judith Moore]] //​(Balliol)//​ for Off With Their Heads!|
 +|**Best Costume**|[[member:​Maria Stroyakovski]] //(Keble)// for The March Hare \\ [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for Cheshire Cat \\ [[member:​Georgie Atton]] //​(Somerville)//​ for Treasurer Uno|
 +|**Best Best Prop**|[[member:​Tristan Cresswell]] //​(Sheffield)//​ and [[member:​Katie Moore]] //​(Ex-Magdalen)//​ for Rules of Bridge|
 +|**Best Cock-up During a Performanc**|[[member:​Leo Tucker]] //​(Wadham)//​ for Being late for a very important date... his cue. \\ All of the cards for Falling apart|
 +|**Best Ad-Lib**|[[member:​Leo Tucker]] //​(Wadham)//​ for Doing up his rabbit onesie as he came up on stage to imply... certain things|
 +|**Best Audience Participation / Heckle**|[[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(Hertford)//​ for Correcting the Knave of Spades on the pronunciation of '​hatter'​|
 +|**Best Quote During a Show (from a script)**|Knave of Spades for 'I wish to enter mon croissant'​|
 +|**Best Worst Line-Learner**|[[member:​Frances Livesey]] //(Corpus Christi)// for Off With Their Heads|
 +|**The 'Ooh you luvvie'​ Award for Actually Being Able to Act**|[[member:​Rob Selth]] //(Univ)// for Dodo|
 +|**The '​Beyond the Call of Duty' Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty**|[[member:​Katie Moore]] //​(Ex-Magdalen)//​ for Standing in as Top Trump at the last minute when Georgie was called unexpectedly to Madagascar|
 {{topic>​owth +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}} {{topic>​owth +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}}
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