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Indiana Jones and the Pantomime Horse (Hilary, 2009)

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Indian Jones - Sasha “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” McKenna (St Hildas)
  • Out - Rui “Green and Wrinkly” Ramalho
  • Ernst Zimmerman - Jonathan “Zuper to be bad” Sims (St. Hilda's)
  • Fook - Thomas “Whose name is not important” Woolley (St Johns)
  • Pat - rk“GRAAAGGGHGHHH!” hughes(Hertford)
  • Fritz - Oli “doing what we do best” Elliott
  • Hans - Catherine “with a fork” Offord
  • Betty - Charlote “God Bless America!” Spurrell
  • Herb - Mike “older than America!” Bagshaw (Mansfield)
  • Emphysema - Perry “cataloguing your father’s” Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
  • Customer and Guide - Felicity “such a dish” White (Merton)
  • Dorf von Handlanger - Dan “zere ARE no more!” Rawnsley
  • Wichtig von Handlanger - Charlotte “never wanted to be bad” Hindley (Mansfield)
  • Mustafah - Duncan “Indy, Look!” Coutts (Worcester)
  • Scientist - Richard “so-called” Batty
  • Status - Hugo “down-pointing-hand pencil hand-with-pencil-in-it flag bomb” Holmes


Script and Programme

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