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 ===== Flosscars Wins ===== ===== Flosscars Wins =====
 +|**Best Love Scene**|Rhian Mogridge and Kate Broadhurst for Madeline and Bertie|
 +|**Best bottle of gin**|The one in the orange juice|
 +|**Best Last Minute OULE**|Alex Henlin for Jeeves|
 +|**Best speech**|James Needham for Gussie Fink-Nottle "​Speech! Speech!"​|
 +|**Best Acting Despite Hangover**|Kate Broadhurst for Bertie Wooster|
 ===== Flosscars Nominations ===== ===== Flosscars Nominations =====
 +|**Best hero**|Kate Broadhurst for Bertie Wooster|
 +|**Best Bad Guy**|Amy Leyland for Miss Waterbury|
 +|**Best inanimate object**|Madeline'​s vase|
 +|**Best Impersonation of a person on the opposite sex**|Kate Broadhurst for Bertie Wooster|
 +|**Most Quoted Line**|James Needham for "​Speech! Speech!"​ |
 +|**Most Quoted Line**|James Needham for Gussie Fink-Nottle \\ "​Don'​t you think the stars are like God's daisy chain?"​|
 +|**Best special effect**|The gin in the orange juice|
 +|**Best special effect**|Kate Broadhurst for Bertie Wooster \\ Alex Henlin for Jeeves \\ Filmer on piggyback|
 +|**Best Ad Lib**|James Needham for "An old old friend... who knows where you live!" |
 +|**Best Heckle**|Old woman for joining in at Beech Court|
 +|**Best rehearsal venue**|Christchurch Meadows|
 +|**Best Last Minute OULE**|Jonny and Andrew for Bonzo and Thomas |
 +|**Best costume**|Rhian Mogridge for Maddy'​s dress |
 +|**Best Performance Venue**|Beech Court \\ Wadham Gardens|
 {{topic>​good show jeeves +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}} {{topic>​good show jeeves +song list&​nodesc&​nouser&​nodate}}
 {{tag>​show}} {{tag>​show}}
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