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The First Gnoel (Michaelmas, 2014)


  • Fainon - Judith “Blimey, where did that come from” Moore (Balliol)
  • Gnorman - Sebastian “That's just how they grow in the magical garden” Fox (Mansfield)
  • Ortant - Emma “Tired of beating off one-eyed sea-serpents” New (St Hildas)
  • Steve - Benjamin “BREAK INTO CHRISTMAS” Kybett (Magdalen)
  • David Battenburg - Connor “Something Truly Unprecedented” Warden (St Edmund Hall)
  • Derek - James “Something Truly Unprecedented” Marsden (Corpus)
  • Jamie - Rhiannon “Somewhat Alluring” Main
  • Saeros - Jasper “Ramaging hoard of hippoptami” Russell (Merton)
  • Theril - Josh “Ramaging hoard of hippoptami” Rampton
  • Erial - Anna “Terrifying Imp Leader” Spearing-Ewyn (St. John's College)
  • Ressive - Jessica “I'm 23 now mother!” Law (St.Anne’s)
  • Ersonal - Oliver “Factually accurate” Ellerton
  • Olite - Anna “You guys are pretty crap” Geissman
  • Ersonation - Maria “Secret Weapon” Stroyakovski (Keble)
  • Gnigel - Efi “Coulours of the (Trapped) Wind” Gauthier (St Hugh's)
  • Gnatasha - Beth “Sorry, did you say hippoptami?” Mabbutt (LMH)
  • Gnatalie - Lauren “Off to get smashed” Maly
  • Maximoose - Tom “I just wanted to sing along” Lear (Magdalen)
  • Tinsel - Yvonne “I just love making people happy” Diep
  • Bauble - Anna “Santa said…” Geissman
  • Jingles - Katheryn “You're on the nice list” Reece
  • Sparkles (Tuesday) - Elena “Merry Christmas” Harty (ex-Magdalen)
  • Sparkles (Wednesday & Thursday) - Ellie “He sees you when you're sleeping” Armstrong
  • Prince - Patrick “Come to my castle and wed me immediately” Kidger (Magdalen)
  • Genie 1 - Anna “Beautifully executed” Spearing-Ewyn (St. John's College)
  • Genie 2 - Karel “No longer effectively serves gravy” Lenc
  • Genie 3 - Karolina “I don't know what this is” Sakinyte


  • Written by - Judith “Wise, mysterious, all-knowing, graceful” Moore (Balliol)
  • Director - Elena “You should have brought a script on stage instead of a horse” Harty (Ex-Magdalen)
  • Assistant Director - Ellie “You’re going to find out who’s naughty or nice” Armstrong
  • Producer - Benjamin “Here’s how we take over the world” Kybett (Magdalen)
  • Musical Director - Connor “Something Truly Unprecedented” Warden (St Edmund Hall)
  • Technical Director - Richard “pilly” Owen (Ex-Lincoln)


Script and Programme

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