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 [[shows:​first|First]] | [[shows:​jeeves|Previous]] | [[shows:​intrepid|Next]] | [[shows:​latest|Latest]] [[shows:​first|First]] | [[shows:​jeeves|Previous]] | [[shows:​intrepid|Next]] | [[shows:​latest|Latest]]
 +//Follow the adventures of Fainon the Elf, Gnorman the Gnome and Ortant the Imp as they wrestle with existential crises of fantastical proportions. Along their way they will meet a talking moose with identity issues, a trio of all-powerful genies and a witless royal. But in the background lurks a wildlife documentary crew, and damn it, they are going to get their tragic ending even if it kills them (them being the other characters in the story). Can our heroes reach Christmas in time?//
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   * **Derek** - [[member: James Marsden|James]] //​“Something Truly Unprecedented”//​ [[member: James Marsden|Marsden]] //​(Corpus)//​   * **Derek** - [[member: James Marsden|James]] //​“Something Truly Unprecedented”//​ [[member: James Marsden|Marsden]] //​(Corpus)//​
   * **Jamie** - Rhiannon //​“Somewhat Alluring”//​ Main   * **Jamie** - Rhiannon //​“Somewhat Alluring”//​ Main
-  * **Saeros** - [[member: Jasper Russell|Jasper]] //​“Ramaging hoard of hippoptami”// [[member: Jasper Russell|Russell]] //​(Merton)//​+  * **Saeros** - [[member: Jasper ​Rose Russell|Jasper ​Rose]] //​“Ramaging hoard of hippopotami”// [[member: Jasper ​Rose Russell|Russell]] //​(Merton)//​
   * **Theril** - Josh //​“Ramaging hoard of hippoptami”//​ Rampton   * **Theril** - Josh //​“Ramaging hoard of hippoptami”//​ Rampton
   * **Erial** - [[member: Anna Spearing-Ewyn|Anna]] //​“Terrifying Imp Leader”// [[member: Anna Spearing-Ewyn|Spearing-Ewyn]] //(St. John's College)//   * **Erial** - [[member: Anna Spearing-Ewyn|Anna]] //​“Terrifying Imp Leader”// [[member: Anna Spearing-Ewyn|Spearing-Ewyn]] //(St. John's College)//
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   * **Gnatasha** - [[member: Beth Mabbutt|Beth]] //“Sorry, did you say hippoptami?​”//​ [[member:​Beth Mabbutt|Mabbutt]] //(LMH)//   * **Gnatasha** - [[member: Beth Mabbutt|Beth]] //“Sorry, did you say hippoptami?​”//​ [[member:​Beth Mabbutt|Mabbutt]] //(LMH)//
   * **Gnatalie** - Lauren //“Off to get smashed”//​ Maly   * **Gnatalie** - Lauren //“Off to get smashed”//​ Maly
-  * **Maximoose** - [[member: ​Tom Lear|Tom]] //“I just wanted to sing along”// [[member: ​Tom Lear|Lear]] //​(Magdalen)//​+  * **Maximoose** - [[member: ​Katie Moore|Katie]] //“I just wanted to sing along”// [[member: ​Katie Moore|Moore]] //​(Magdalen)//​
   * **Tinsel** - Yvonne //“I just love making people happy”// Diep   * **Tinsel** - Yvonne //“I just love making people happy”// Diep
   * **Bauble** - Anna //“Santa said...”//​ Geissman   * **Bauble** - Anna //“Santa said...”//​ Geissman
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 ===== Production ===== ===== Production =====
 +  * ** Written by** - [[member: Judith Moore|Judith]] //“Wise, mysterious, all-knowing,​ graceful”//​ [[member: Judith Moore|Moore]] //​(Balliol)//​
 +  * ** Director** - [[member: Elena Harty|Elena]] //“You should have brought a script on stage instead of a horse”// [[member: Elena Harty|Harty]] //​(Ex-Magdalen)//​
 +  * ** Assistant Director** - Ellie //​“You’re going to find out who’s naughty or nice”// Armstrong
 +  * ** Producer** - [[member: Benjamin Kybett|Benjamin]] //​“Here’s how we take over the world”// [[member: Benjamin Kybett|Kybett]] //​(Magdalen)//​
 +  * ** Musical Director** - [[member: Connor Warden|Connor]] //​“Something Truly Unprecedented”//​ [[member: Connor Warden|Warden]] //(St Edmund Hall)//
 +  * ** Technical Director** - [[member: Richard Owen|Richard]] //​“pilly”//​ [[member: Richard Owen|Owen]] //​(Ex-Lincoln)//​
 ===== Songs ===== ===== Songs =====
 +  * **Give the People What They Want** - [[member:​Connor Warden]] //(St Edmund Hall)//
 +  * **Just Grasp Your Rod** - [[member:​Connor Warden]] //(St Edmund Hall)//
 +  * **In Christmas** - [[member:​Judith Moore]] //​(Balliol)//​
 +  * **Rap Battle** - [[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// and [[member:​Anna Spearing-Ewyn]] //(St. John's College)//
 +  * **The Unimportant Song** - [[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)//
 +  * **Christmas Elves** - [[member:​Connor Warden]] //(St Edmund Hall)//
 +  * **Finale** - [[member:​Connor Warden]] //(St Edmund Hall)//
 ===== Script and Programme ===== ===== Script and Programme =====
 ===== Flosscars Wins ===== ===== Flosscars Wins =====
 +|**Best Heroine**|[[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// for Imp Ortant|
 +|**Best Portrayal of a Member of a Different Gender**|[[member:​Sebastian Fox]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for Gnorman and his rod|
 +|**Best Writer**|[[member:​Judith Moore]] //​(Balliol)//​|
 +|**Best Song**|[[member:​Emma New]] //(St Hildas)// for The Unimportant Song|
 +|**Best cock-up during a performance**|[[member:​Benjamin Kybett]] //​(Magdalen)//​ for Forgetting which way Christmas is and bumping into the Moose party|
 +|**The " Don't Shoot the Children in the Face" Award for Best Performance in a Schools/​Homes show of a different part to in the student show**|[[member:​Elena Harty]] //​(ex-Magdalen)//​ for Maximoose|
 ===== Flosscars Nominations ===== ===== Flosscars Nominations =====
 +|**Best Hero**|[[member:​Sebastian Fox]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for Gnorman \\ [[member:​Katie Moore]] //​(Magdalen)//​ for Maximoose |
 +|**Best Bad Guy/​Villain**|[[member:​Anna Spearing-Ewyn]] //(St. John's College)// for Imp Erial \\ [[member:​Benjamin Kybett]] //​(Magdalen)//​ for Steve|
 +|**Best Portrayal of a Member of a Different Gender**|[[member:​Efi Gauthier]] //(St Hugh'​s)//​ for Gnigel|
 +|**Most Spurious Accent**|[[member:​James Marsden]] //​(Corpus)//​ for The Cameraman'​s rapidly disintegrating Scouse accent|
 +|**Best Directing Team**|[[member:​Elena Harty]] //​(ex-Magdalen)//​ and Ellie Armstrong|
 +|**Best Costume**|The Gnome Hats \\ The Moose|
 +|**Best Prop**|The tinsel barbed wire that almost always stayed up... almost...|
 +|**Best cock-up backstage or during a rehearsal**|[[member:​Jessica Law]] //​(St.Anne'​s)//​ for Realising that Moose-antler shadow puppets could be seen over the top|
 +|**Best Ad Lib**|[[member:​Efi Gauthier]] //(St Hugh'​s)//​ for "​I'​m so shocked my beard'​s fallen off" \\ Josh Rampton for "Max! Stop eating the shit music- sheet music" \\ [[member:​Connor Warden]] //(St Edmund Hall)// for An infuriated "THERE ARE BITE MARKS IN IT!" following moose-sheet-music-digestion|
 +|**Best Worst Line-learner**|[[member:​Connor Warden]] //(St Edmund Hall)// for David Battenberg|
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