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 [[shows:​first|First]] | [[shows:​jeeves|Previous]] | [[shows:​intrepid|Next]] | [[shows:​latest|Latest]] [[shows:​first|First]] | [[shows:​jeeves|Previous]] | [[shows:​intrepid|Next]] | [[shows:​latest|Latest]]
 +//Follow the adventures of Fainon the Elf, Gnorman the Gnome and Ortant the Imp as they wrestle with existential crises of fantastical proportions. Along their way they will meet a talking moose with identity issues, a trio of all-powerful genies and a witless royal. But in the background lurks a wildlife documentary crew, and damn it, they are going to get their tragic ending even if it kills them (them being the other characters in the story). Can our heroes reach Christmas in time?//
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