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The Evil Stepmothers' Club (Michaelmas, 2016)

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The Oxford University Light Entertainment Society is proud to present a tale of villains and romance with our Michaelmas Term show: The Evil Stepmothers' Club. Meet the most villainous of stepmothers at their weekly “witch and bitch” meetings; follow a King and Queen at wit's end trying to regain their spare room; a desperate villainous wannabe; and be joined by a host of your favourite characters.


The Evil Stepmothers' Club

  • Griselda Tremaine - Naomi “Can I wear a catsuit?” Heffer (St Hugh's College)
  • Evelyn - Tzveta “Appletinis” Pokrovska (Queen's)
  • Mother Gothel - Jay “With teeth!” Jivani
  • Maleficent - Asha “Murder is a strong word” Hartland-Asbury (Brasenose)

Roderick's Court

The Princes

  • Prince Charming - Will “More misogynistic please” Mason
  • Dick Whittington - César “Want to stroke my cat?” Candelon
  • Frog Prince - Leo “Frogs aren't slimy!” Tucker (Wadham)
  • Penguin Prince - Becky “Punch them” Hicks (Oriel)

Villainous Evildoers

  • Jafar - Perry “Resting witch face” Hartland-Asbury (Ex-Mansfield)
  • Gaston - Will “That's not how you flex” Mason
  • Hook - Tom “Are you making fun of me?” Lear (Ex-Magdalen)
  • Tinkerbell - Bianca “It works for me” Darolti
  • Scar - James “Oh I need a quote don't I?” Carter (Ex-Magdalen)

Business Owners

  • Jack - Lily “Most sexful coffee shop” Miles (Hertford)

Good Guys

  • Robin Hood - Laura “Pull their tails” Hankins (Magdalen)
  • Little Red Riding Hood - Bianca “Lemmeat'em” Darolti
  • Daddy Bear - Beth “A bit Farage-y” Mabbutt (LMH)
  • Mummy Bear - Ana “Terrible parenting skills” Pagu (St. Edmund Hall)
  • Baby Bear - Becky “Punch them” Hicks (Oriel)

Forest Denizens

Magical Beings

  • Fairy Customer Service - Kajal “Customer service” Radia
  • Fairy Godfather - Stephen “Casts glitter, then leaves” Walsh (Teddy Hall)
  • Giant Goose - Kiwi “I'm not a chicken!” Apteryx-Tokoeka (Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters)
  • Shoe Elves - Judith Moore (Balliol) and Beth Mabbutt (LMH)

The Three Thieves

  • Keith - Adrian “Chicken with a purse” Clayton (Hertford (Graduated))
  • Alan - Lily “Huuuuuuuge chicken” Miles (Hertford)
  • Barry - Anna “Really big chicken” Spearing-Ewyn (St. John's College)


  • Snow White - Kajal “Secret hideout” Radia
  • Sleeping Beauty - Giulia “Muuum, five more minutes please!” Antiga
  • Rapunzel - Velina “Princes are excellent” Robinson (Mansfield)



Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best HeroJake Griffiths (Brasenose) for Rupert
Best CoupleGeorgie Atton (Somerville) and Jake Griffiths (Brasenose) for Amy and Rupert
Best Directing TeamJudith Moore (Balliol) and Beth Mabbutt (LMH) for Evil Stepmothers' Club
Best CostumeEfi Gauthier (St Hugh's) for The Tear-Away Suit
Best Best PropGeorgie Atton (Somerville) for The Bear Trap
Best Cock-up During a PerformanceBenjamin Kybett (Magdalen) for Repeated corpsing courtesy of the Romeo and Juliet theme
Best Worst Line-LearnerBranoc Richards (Magdalen) for Evil Stepmothers' Club

Flosscars Nominations

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