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The Canterville Ghost (Hilary, 2002)


  • Mr. Otis - Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
  • Mrs. Otis - noga zivan (Wadham)
  • Virginia Otis - Julia Short
  • Pet Otis - Andrea Watts
  • Sonny-Boy Otis - Lydia Menzies
  • Sir Simon Canterville (A Ghost) - Jhon Polatch
  • Lord Canterville (Owner of Canterville Castle) - Sam Baker
  • Mrs. Nora Umney (The housekeeper) - Jenny Fawson
  • Lord Archibald Archibald (A Neighbour) - Elizabeth Baldwin (Wadham)
  • Dowager Duchess / Maid / Duchess of Tours - Claire Cruise


  • Director - Nicole Gera
  • Producer - Sam Baker
  • By - Oscar Wilde
  • Adapted for the stage by - Tom Taggart

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best Double ActLydia and Andrea for the twins
The “Beyond the call of duty” award, for going beyond the call of dutyAndrea for going on with a VERY badly sprained ankle

Flosscars Nominations

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