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   * [[member:​Erin English|Erin]] //"​Perry can finish It"// [[member:​Erin English|English]]   * [[member:​Erin English|Erin]] //"​Perry can finish It"// [[member:​Erin English|English]]
     * "​I'​m the Villain"​     * "​I'​m the Villain"​
 +===== Flosscar Wins =====
 +|**Best Villainous Character**|[[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for Abanazer|
 +|**Best Group/​Double Act**|[[member:​Charlie Howley]] //(LMH)// and [[member:​Valeriia Gladkova]] //​(Merton)//​ for Mal and Osric|
 +|**Best Marketing Campaign**|[[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//​ for Aladdin|
 +|**Best Costume**|[[member:​Asha Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for all Widow Twankee'​s Costumes|
 +|**Best Best Prop**|[[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//,​ [[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]] //(LMH)// and Dave Fargnoli for the Boxes|
 +|**Best Audience Participation/​Heckle**|[[member:​Benjamin Kybett]] //​(ex-Magdalen)//​ for "​You'​ll make a half decent audience one day" "Oh no we won'​t"​|
 +|**The "Ooh You Luvvie"​ Award for Actually Being Able to Act**|[[member:​Georgia Watkins]] //(St Hildas)// for Wishee Washee and Death|
 +===== Flosscar Nominations =====
 +|**Best Heroic Character**|[[member:​Tegan Gears]] //(Teddy Hall)// for Aladdin \\ [[member:​Asha Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for Widow Twankee \\ [[member:​Jules Pars]] //​(Pembroke)//​ for Jasmine \\ [[member:​Georgia Watkins]] //(St Hildas)// for Wishee Washee|
 +|**Best Villainous Character**|[[member:​Valeriia Gladkova]] //​(Merton)//​ for Osric Le Doux \\ [[member:​Charlie Howley]] //(LMH)// for Mal Adeigh|
 +|**Best Morally Ambiguous Character**|[[member:​Alex Coombs]] //(St Peter’s)//​ for the Genie of the Lamp \\ [[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]] //(LMH)// for Empress Eve \\ [[member:​Neil Suchak]] //(LMH)// for Emperor Sheev \\ [[member:​Stephen Walsh]] //(Teddy Hall)// for the Spirit of the Ring|
 +|**Best Group/​Double Act**|[[member:​Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​ and [[member:​Rebecca Barton]] //​(Regent’s Park)// for Wash and Drye \\ [[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//,​ Anna White, Rachael Twyford, [[member:​Branoc Richards]] //(Formerly Magdalen)// and [[member:​Gabrielle Young]] //(St Hilda’s)//​ for the Agrabah Market Folk|
 +|**Best Couple**|[[member:​Alex Coombs]] //(St Peter’s)//​ and [[member:​Stephen Walsh]] //(Teddy Hall)// for the Genie and the Spirit \\ [[member:​Tegan Gears]] //(Teddy Hall)// and [[member:​Jules Pars]] //​(Pembroke)//​ for Aladdin and Jasmine \\ [[member:​Asha Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Brasenose)//​ and [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for Widow Twankee and Albert/​Abanazer \\ [[member:​Charlie Howley]] //(LMH)// and [[member:​Valeriia Gladkova]] //​(Merton)//​ for Mal and Osric \\ [[member:​Neil Suchak]] //(LMH)// and [[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]] //(LMH)// for Sheev and Eve|
 +|**Best Spurious Accent**|[[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for Welsh Abanazer \\ [[member:​Georgia Watkins]] //(St Hildas)// for Wishee "​Filthy Pizza Child" Washee|
 +|**Best Directing Team**|[[member:​Markus Beeken]] //​(Brasenose)//,​ [[member:​Will Ainsworth]] //(St Edmund Hall)// and [[member:​Velina Robinson]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for Aladdin|
 +|**Best Script**|[[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(ex-Mansfield)//​ for Aladdin|
 +|**Best Song**|[[member:​Markus Beeken]] //​(Brasenose)//​ and [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for the Agrabah Tango \\ [[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(ex-Mansfield)//​ for the Genie Song \\ [[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(ex-Mansfield)//​ for Skies of Love|
 +|**Best Performance of a Song**|[[member:​Alex Coombs]] //(St Peter’s)//​ for The Genie Song \\ [[member:​Asha Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for Strongest Suit \\ [[member:​Tegan Gears]] //(Teddy Hall)// for Skies of Love \\ Rachael Twyford for Agrabah Tango|
 +|**Best Costume**|[[member:​Alex Coombs]] //(St Peter’s)//​ for the Genie \\ [[member:​George Tall]] //(St Edmund Hall)// for Iov|
 +|**Best Worst Prop**|[[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//​ for the Lamp \\ [[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]] //(LMH)// for the Clothes Wrapped in Plastic \\ [[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]] //(LMH)// and [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for the Moustache|
 +|**Best Best Prop**|[[member:​Will Ainsworth]] //(St Edmund Hall)// for the Magic Carpet Silhouette \\ [[member:Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//​ for Abanazer'​s Staff \\ [[member:Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//,​ [[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//​ and [[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]] //(LMH)// for the Sock Puppets \\ [[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//​ for the Tomb Sign|
 +|**Best Cock-Up During a Performance**|[[member:​Tessa Brunt]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for corpsing while being a corpse \\ [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for all the Moustache Issues \\ [[member:​Matilda Tempest]] //​(Mansfield)//​ for missing a scene \\ [[member:​Georgia Watkins]] //(St Hildas)// for forgetting to go on for her scene because she was so ready for the next scene|
 +|**Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal**|[[member:​Rebecca Barton]] //​(Regent’s Park)//, Erin English and [[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//​ for the Mysterious Floating Pillars \\ [[member:Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//,​ [[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//​ and [[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]] //(LMH)// for forgetting the Tomb Sign \\ [[member:​Georgia Watkins]] //(St Hildas)// for corpsing at "​Filthy Pizza Child" every time|
 +|**Best Ad-Lib**|[[member:​Alex Coombs]] //(St Peter’s)//​ for "​You'​re a Wizard, Abbie" \\ [[member:​Valeriia Gladkova]] //​(Merton)//​ for "Is Abanazer okay, he lost his moustache?"​ \\ [[member:​Charlie Howley]] //(LMH)// for "This one has an invisible sign" \\ [[member:​Jules Pars]] //​(Pembroke)//​ for "​I'​m so glad you're Welsh and Alive" \\ Rachael Twyford for *trips* "Who put that sweetie there?"​|
 +|**Best Audience Participation/​Heckle**|[[member:​Efi Gauthier]] //(Formerly St Hugh’s)// for "​Communism!"​ \\ [[member:​Efi Gauthier]] //(Formerly St Hugh’s)// for the Leek Bra \\ [[member:​Benjamin Kybett]] //​(ex-Magdalen)//​ for "Where might I find this Genie of the Lamp?" "​He'​s behind you" \\ [[member:​Benjamin Kybett]] //​(ex-Magdalen)//​ for "What should we wish for?" "An interval"​ \\ [[member:​Benjamin Kybett]] //​(ex-Magdalen)//​ and [[member:​Asha Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for dancing together|
 +|**Best Quote from a Script**|[[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(ex-Mansfield)//​ and [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for "I do love the scent of JASMINE in the air" \\ [[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(ex-Mansfield)//​ and [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for "​Filthy Pizza Child" \\ [[member:​Perry Hartland-Asbury]] //​(ex-Mansfield)//,​ [[member:​Jake Griffiths]] //​(Brasenose)//​ and [[member:​Stephen Walsh]] //(Teddy Hall)// for "Where might I find this Genie of the Lamp?" "In a Lamp"|
 +|**The “Ooh You Luvvie” Award for Actually Being Able to Act**|[[member:​Alex Coombs]] //(St Peter’s)//​ for the Genie \\ [[member:​Tegan Gears]] //(Teddy Hall)// for Aladdin|
 +|**The "​Beyond the Call of Duty" Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty**|[[member:​Asha Hartland-Asbury]] //​(Brasenose)//​ for all of Twankee'​s costume changes \\ [[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//​ for the Boxes \\ [[member:Em Fawcett]] //​(Wadham)//,​ [[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//​ and [[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]] //(LMH)// for the Sock Puppets \\ [[member:​Lily Miles]] //​(ex-Hertford)//​ and [[member:​Tzveta Pokrovska]] //(LMH)// for postering every Oxford college|
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