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The First Gnoel (Michaelmas, 2014)


Fainon-Judith Moore (Balliol)
"Blimey, where did that come from"
Gnorman-Sebastian Fox (Mansfield)
"That's just how they grow in the magical garden"
Ortant-Emma New (St Hildas)
"Tired of beating off one-eyed sea-serpents"
Steve-Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen)
David Battenburg-Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall)
"Something Truly Unprecedented"
Derek-James Marsden (Corpus)
"Doesn't really matter if you're following a script"
Jamie-Rhiannon Main
"Somewhat Alluring"
Saeros-Jasper Russell (Merton)
"Ramaging hoard of hippoptami"
Theril-Josh Rampton
"Well that was a bit dramatic"
Erial-Anna Spearing-Ewyn (St. John's College)
"Terrifying Imp Leader"
Ressive-Jessica Law (St.Anne's)
"I'm 23 now mother!"
Ersonal-Oliver Ellerton
"Factually accurate"
Olite-Anna Geissman
"You guys are pretty crap"
Ersonation-Maria Stroyakovski (Keble)
"Secret Weapon"
Gnigel-Efi Gauthier (St Hugh's)
"Coulours of the (Trapped) Wind"
Gnatasha-Beth Mabbutt (LMH)
"Sorry, did you say hippoptami?"
Gnatalie-Lauren Maly
"Off to get smashed"
Maximoose-Tom Lear (Magdalen)
"I just wanted to sing along"
Tinsel-Yvonne Diep
"I just love making people happy"
Bauble-Anna Geissman
"Santa said..."
Jingles-Katheryn Reece
"You're on the nice list"
Sparkles (Tuesday)-Elena Harty (ex-Magdalen)
"Merry Christmas"
Sparkles (Wednesday & Thursday)-Ellie Armstrong
"He sees you when you're sleeping"
Prince-Patrick Kidger (Magdalen)
"Come to my castle and wed me immediately"
Genie 1-Anna Spearing-Ewyn (St. John's College)
"Beautifully executed"
Genie 2-Karel Lenc
"No longer effectively serves gravy"
Genie 3-Karolina Sakinyte
"I don't know what this is"
Written by-Judith Moore (Balliol)
"Wise, mysterious, all-knowing, graceful"
Director-Elena Harty (ex-Magdalen)
"You should have brought a script on stage instead of a horse"
Assistant Director-Ellie Armstrong
"You're going to find out who's naughty or nice"
Producer-Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen)
"Here's how we take over the world"
Musical Director-Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall)
"Something Truly Unprecedented"
Technical Director-Richard Owen (Ex-Lincoln)
Give the peole what they want-Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall)
Just Grasp Your Rod-Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall)
In Christmas-Judith Moore (Balliol)
Rap Battle-Emma New (St Hildas)
Anna Spearing-Ewyn (St. John's College)
The Unimportant Song-Emma New (St Hildas)
Christmas Elves-Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall)
Finale-Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall)

Script and Programme

Flosscars Wins

Best HeroineEmma New (St Hildas) for Imp Ortant
Best Portrayal of a Member of a Different GenderSebastian Fox (Mansfield) for Gnorman and his rod
Best WriterJudith Moore (Balliol)
Best SongEmma New (St Hildas) for The Unimportant Song
Best cock-up during a performanceBenjamin Kybett (Magdalen) for Forgetting which way Christmas is and bumping into the Moose party
The " Don't Shoot the Children in the Face" Award for Best Performance in a Schools/Homes show of a different part to in the student showElena Harty (ex-Magdalen) for Maximoose

Flosscars Nominations

Best HeroSebastian Fox (Mansfield) for Gnorman
Tom Lear (Magdalen) for Maximoose
Best Bad Guy/VillainAnna Spearing-Ewyn (St. John's College) for Imp Erial
Benjamin Kybett (Magdalen) for Steve
Best Portrayal of a Member of a Different GenderEfi Gauthier (St Hugh's) for Gnigel
Most Spurious AccentJames Marsden (Corpus) for The Cameraman's rapidly disintegrating Scouse accent
Best Directing TeamElena Harty (ex-Magdalen) and Ellie Armstrong
Best CostumeThe Gnome Hats
The Moose
Best PropThe tinsel barbed wire that almost always stayed up... almost...
Best cock-up backstage or during a rehearsalJessica Law (St.Anne's) for Realising that Moose-antler shadow puppets could be seen over the top
Best Ad LibEfi Gauthier (St Hugh's) for "I'm so shocked my beard's fallen off"
Josh Rampton for "Max! Stop eating the shit music- sheet music"
Connor Warden (St Edmund Hall) for An infuriated "THERE ARE BITE MARKS IN IT!" following moose-sheet-music-digestion
Best Worst Line-learnerConnor Warden (St Edmund Hall) for David Battenberg
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