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Beauty and the Beast (Michaelmas, 2008)


Belle-Emma New (St Hildas)
"Eat the damned rose!"
Beast-Dan Artus (Regent's Park)
"mostly roaches"
Mr Sleck
(The Butler)
-Laith Dilaimi
"devilishly handsome"
(The Enchantress)
-Catherine Offord
"cruel and unusual"
Aunt Mandible-Catherine Offord
Belle's Mother-Lottie Spurrell
"So attractive when not being an idiot"
Belle's Father-Tom Perkins (New)
"haunted by an inadequate mulling"
Mayor-Laura O'Connor
"I like little shops"
Unctuous Gaint
(The Huntsman)
-Tom Bishop
"devilishly attractive young stallion"
Mrs Potts
(The Castle Maid)
-Marcus Garner-Hatcher (Lincoln)
"I could do with a bit of perk"
Paperboy-rk hughes (hertford)
"mmphle mmf"
Prince-Daniel Browne
"traditionally underground"
Hamster-Sally Outen (Ex-Worcester)
"Squeak, squeak, squeak"
(A Rose Guard)
-Rui Romalho
"Buggery: A study of insects"
(A Rose Guard)
-Sean Meritt
"still fashionable"
Rose-Liina Pihel
"wolfs down sunlight"
Serving Wenches-Radostina Christova (St Hildas)
Emily Derbyshire
Mr Bleak
(The Lunatic Asylum Director)
-Jesse Harber
"How's Mother?"
His Henchmen-
Mr Lockscreech-Daniel Browne
Mr Farrowhook-Duncan Coutts (Worcester)
"wardrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe"
Mr Flay-Starling-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
"more nonchalant than one would expect"
Mr Sallowgrave-Philip Scott
"dropped on passers-by"
Mr Longwinter-Thomas Woolley (St Johns)
"If I'd known, I'd have worn dirty socks today"
The Villagers-
Ogdred-Alice Fletcher
"I like potatos"
Ethelred-Mike Bagshaw (Mansfield)
"Legs which open at the least provocation?"
Zebedee-Daniel Rawnsley
"exactly like a small rock"
Ulric-Mariel Harrison (St Hilda's)
"Never underestimate a dibber"
Dotty-Fabby Styles (Oriel)
"completely barmy"
Basil-Oli Gordon
"Where's My Custard?"
Jeremy-Hugo Holmes
"I've go a brand new combine harvester"
Irascible-Radostina Christova (St Hildas)
"Say something else about legs"
Hyacinth-Kate Morris (St Hildas)
"not that kind of yolk"
Lily-Eilise Norris
"more pets than limbs"
Edgar-Jonathan Sims (St. Hilda's)
"down the pub"
Allen-Matthew Williams (mansfield)
"stands to reason"
Po-Sasha McKenna (St Hildas)
"But ehere do bees go to the loo?"
Butcher-Mariel Harrison (St Hilda's)
"Shrimp are boring"
Baker-Charlotte Hindley (Mansfield)
"I like yolks"
Candlestick Maker-Jessica Law (St.Anne's)
"Shrip = passion + excitement"
Directors and Cat Herders-Perry Hartland-Asbury (Mansfield)
Liina Pihel
Songsmith, Composer and Musical Director-Rory Morrison (Mansfield)
Sound and Lighting-Richard Owen (Ex-Lincoln)
Beast Costume-Helen Nightingale (Somerville)
Writers-Philip Scott
Peculiarities and enoddments-Caroline Chambers

Script and Programme

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