[Oxford *cough* Light Entertainment Society]

The Oxford University Light Entertainment Society is a non-profit making group dedicated to putting on shows for those who cannot normally travel to the theatre, taking plays to special needs schools, hospitals and retirement homes. We are a small, informal group and aim to encourage first time actors, directors and writers.

If you have enquiries about the society, get in touch with our president: Seb

show poster Robin Hood
This story takes place a little after the traditional Robin Hood legends end, when Robin has rescued Marian from the clutches of evil Prince John, and everyone gets their happily ever after - or do they? In fact, Marian's refused to marry Robin, and has started her own rival troupe of outlaws, the Mighty Maids. Prince John still wants revenge, Robin still wants Marian, and Marian, well, Marian's not sure what she wants. But there's tropes to be lampshaded, derring to be done, and buckles to be swashed...

As is our way, we will be providing a heady mixture of clever wordplay, witty repartee, catchy songs, and charity fundraising. Oh, and it'll all be outside in the gorgeous summer sunshine*

Warden's Gardens, Wadham College
Tuesday - Thursday 8th Week (16th - 18th June)

£4 for students, children, senior citizens etc
£5 for everyone else
All profits will go to charity.

*(Disclaimer: The OULES are not actually weather gods, and therefore cannot guarantee sunshine. But hey, fingers crossed)
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