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This is an archive of all the News that's been posted to the OULES Website since Time Immemorial (or, well, 2002). If you're looking for more archives, have a look at our past shows or join our mailing lists and have a look at the archives.

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Arthur! (or Fifty Shades of Grail)

The end of term is nearly upon us, therefore it must be time for the OULES show!
Come join the quest for the grail with the motley-est assortment of knights you've ever seen! Round Table or not, they're ready for any fight, with swords in their hands and songs in their hearts.
Will Percival ever find the grail? Can Pellinore catch his beast? Is anyone going to point out that Guinevere's in Lancelot's lap? Will Arthur ever notice that's his sister? And why does Mordred look so much like the king?

Come join us in the Moser theatre, Wadham College
Tuesday-Thursday 8th Week (17th - 29th November) 19:30

£4 for students, children, senior citizens etc; £5 for everyone else

Posted by pilly on 19/11/2012

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