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-====== Tessa Brunt ====== 
-**User Level** : OULE 
-**Colleges** : 
-  *Mansfield since 2018 
-==== Family Tree ==== 
-  *[[member:​Erin English]] 
-  *[[member:​Em Fawcett]] 
-==== Shows ==== 
-|Michaelmas 2018|[[shows:​aladdin3|Aladdin]]|Guard Robin \\ Thief| 
-|Hilary 2019|[[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies At The End]]|Mechant| 
-|Trinity 2019|[[shows:​robin hood2|Robin Hood]]|Will Scarlet| 
-|Michelmas 2019|[[shows:​horrors| The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors ]]|Alex \\ Tony| 
-|Hilary 2020|[[shows:​channel_hoppers|Channel Hoppers]]|Alfie Atkins \\ Voldemort| 
-|Trinity 2020|[[shows:​radio_show|The Radio Show at the End of the World]]|Weather Man \\ Officer Letdown \\ Sound Editing \\ SFX| 
-==== Flosscar Wins ==== 
-==== Flosscar Nominations ==== 
-|2019|•Best Couple for War and Mechant ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]]) \\ •Best Cock-Up During a Performance for corpsing while being a corpse ([[shows:​aladdin3|Aladdin]])| 
-|2020|•Best Heroic Character for Alfie Atkins ([[shows:​channel_hoppers|Channel Hoppers]]) \\ •Best Group/​Double Act for The Merry Men ([[shows:​Robin Hood2|Robin Hood]]) \\ •Best Group/​Double Act for Vic and Alex ([[shows:​horrors|The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors]]) \\ •Best Group/​Double Act for Sean Bean and Alfie ([[shows:​channel_hoppers|Channel Hoppers]]) \\ •Best Couple for Tony and Danny ([[shows:​horrors|The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors]]) \\ •Best Spurious Accent for Alfie Atkins ([[shows:​channel_hoppers|Channel Hoppers]]) \\ •Best Performance of a Song for Ghosts Need Therapy ([[shows:​horrors|The Haunting House of Haunting Horrors]])\\ •Best Best Prop for Channel Hoppers'​ Remotes ([[shows:​channel_hoppers|Channel Hoppers]]) \\ •Best Best Prop for Riley the Dragon ([[shows:​channel_hoppers|Channel Hoppers]]) \\ •Best Cock-Up During a Performance for their Bow Breaking in their First Scene ([[shows:​Robin Hood2|Robin Hood]]) \\ •Best Cock-Up During a Performance for Not Colliding, But Em Yeeting Herself to the Ground Anyway ([[shows:​Robin Hood2|Robin Hood]])|