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 +====== Louise Sherlock ======
 +**User Level** : Ex-ÜberOULE
 +**Colleges** :
 +  * St John's from 2002
 +==== Shows ====
 +|Trinity 2003|[[shows:​robin_hood_and_legumes|Robin Hood and the Legumes of Doom]]|Little John|
 +|Hilary 2004|[[shows:​dracula|Dracula]]|Renfield|
 +|Trinity 2004|[[shows:​canterbury_tales|The Canterbury Tales]]|Chaucer|
 +==== Flosscar Wins ====
 +|2004|•The "oooh, you luvvie!"​ award for actually being able to act: for Renfield ([[shows:​dracula|Dracula]]) \\ •Best Ad Lib: for "Of course leg warmers are in, you said last year, Of course I don't need to learn my lines you said, Of course I don't need to attend any rehearsals until the performance of the play, and of course there won't be a PR disaster if I go out and kill small fluffy animals!"​ ([[shows:​cinderella|Cinderella]])|
 +==== Flosscar Nominations ====
 +|2004|•Best Hero: for Dandini ([[shows:​cinderella|Cinderella]]) \\ •Best impersonation of a member of the opposite sex: for Enfield ([[shows:​dracula|Dracula]]) \\ •Best Caricature of oneself: for Renfield (did you see her midge collection?​!) ([[shows:​dracula|Dracula]])|
 +|2005|•Best hero: for Chaucer ([[shows:​canterbury_tales|The Canterbury Tales]]) \\ •Best heroine: for Princess Tamara ([[shows:​jack_and_the_beanstalk|Jack and the Beanstalk]])|
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