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-~~REDIRECT>​tom_moore~~+====== Katie Moore ====== 
 +**Level**: Ex-ÜberOULE 
 +  *Magdalen from 2012 
 +  *Ex-Magdalen from 2016 
 +==== Family Tree ==== 
 +  *[[member:​Judith Moore]] 
 +  *[[member:​Emma New]] 
 +  *[[member:​Emma Bates]] 
 +  *[[member:​James Carter]] 
 +  *Michael Chester 
 +  *[[member:​Fyr]] 
 +  *[[member:​Sofia Gomezllata]] 
 +  *[[member:​Jake Griffiths]] 
 +  *[[member:​Patrick Kidger]] 
 +  *[[member:​Frances Livesey]] 
 +  *Rhiannon Main 
 +  *Tom Marshall 
 +  *[[member:​Lily Miles]] 
 +  *[[member:​Georgia Nicholson]] 
 +  *[[member:​Branoc Richards]] 
 +  *[[member:​Ana Pagu]] 
 +  *[[member:​Leo Tucker]] 
 +==== Shows ==== 
 +|Trinity 2014|[[shows:​why_jeeves|Why Jeeves]]|Lenny (Wednesday, Thursday)| 
 +|Michaelmas 2014|[[shows:​gnoel|The First Gnoel]]|Maximoose| 
 +|Hilary 2015|[[shows:​intrepid|Intrepid!]]|Burton| 
 +|Trinity 2015|[[shows:​robin_hood|Robin Hood]]|Robin Hood| 
 +|Michealmas 2015|[[shows:​fota|Fairest of the All]]|Edna Ville-Wytch \\ Jim, The Sheepboy \\ Tree #3 \\ Writer #2 \\ Producer| 
 +|Hilary 2016|[[shows:​lstcj|Let'​s Steal the Crown Jewels!]]|Sherlock Holmes \\ Co-Assistant Director| 
 +|Trinity 2016|[[shows:​owth|Off With Their Heads!]]|Writer \\ Co-Producer-And-Musical-Director| 
 +|Michaelmas 2016|[[shows:​esc|The Evil Stepmothers'​ Club]]|Hook \\ Co-Producer| 
 +|Hilary 2017|[[shows:​greek|It'​s All Greek To Me]]|Silenus| 
 +|Trinity 2017|[[shows:​plaice|A Plaice in the Sun]]|Direction/​Production| 
 +|Hilary 2018|[[shows:​splash|The Sensational Story of the Splash]]|Producer \\ Lighting Technician| 
 +|Hilary 2019|[[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies At The End]]|Writer| 
 +==== Songs ==== 
 +[[shows:​why_jeeves|Why Jeeves]] 
 +  * We Would Hug if We Weren'​t so British 
 +[[shows:​fota|Fairest of the All]] 
 +  * The Big Bad Wolf Song 
 +  * I'm Red Riding Hood 
 +[[shows:​lstcj|Let'​s Steal the Crown Jewels!]] 
 +  * Finale (Lyrics) 
 +[[shows:​owth|Off With Their Heads!]] 
 +  * Bake it Off 
 +  * About Time 
 +  * Don't Lose Your Head 
 +[[shows:​greek|It'​s All Greek To Me]] 
 +  * Silenus'​ Training 
 +[[shows:​plaice|A Plaice in the Sun]] 
 +  *Final Song 
 +==== Flosscar Wins ==== 
 +|2015|•Best Ad-Lib for While being chased by the Ocelot: “Quick, it can't follow us upstairs.” “THAT'​S DALEKS” ([[shows:​intrepid|Intrepid!]])| 
 +|2016|•Best Writer(s) ([[shows:​fota|Fairest of them All]])| 
 +|2018|•Best Directing Team ([[shows:​plaice|A Plaice in the Sun]]) \\ •Best Marketing Campaign ([[shows:​splash|The Sensational Story of the Splash]]) \\ •Best Worst Prop for the Hole ([[shows:​plaice|A Plaice in the Sun]]) \\ •Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal ([[shows:​splash|The Sensational Story of the Splash]])| 
 +|2019|•Best Script for [[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]] \\ •Best Quote from a Script for Odin's Sexual Exploits ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]])| 
 +==== Flosscar Nominations ==== 
 +|2015|•Best Hero for Maximoose ([[shows:​gnoel|The First Gnoel]]) \\ •Best Song for We would hug if we weren'​t so British ([[shows:​why_jeeves|Why Jeeves]])| 
 +|2016|•Best Hero for Robin Hood ([[shows:​robin_hood|Robin Hood]]) \\ •Best Hero for Sherlock Holmes ([[shows:​lstcj|Let'​s Steal the Crown Jewels!]]) \\ •Best Double Act/Couple for Robin Hood and Maid Marian ([[shows:​robin_hood|Robin Hood]]) \\ •Best Double Act/Couple for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson ([[shows:​lstcj|Let'​s Steal the Crown Jewels!]]) \\ •Best Directing Team ([[shows:​lstcj|Let'​s Steal the Crown Jewels!]]) \\ •Best Song for Red Riding Hood, Bitch ([[shows:​fota|Fairest of the All]]) \\ •Best Song for Stealing is a Crime ([[shows:​lstcj|Let'​s Steal the Crown Jewels!]]) \\ •Best Cock-up During a Performance for breaking a staff ([[shows:​robin_hood|Robin Hood]]) \\ •Best Ad-Lib for 'Now I have two' ([[shows:​robin_hood|Robin Hood]]) \\ •The '​Beyond the Call of Duty' Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty for the advertising campaign ([[shows:​fota|Fairest of the All]])| 
 +|2017|•Most Spurious Accent for Hook ([[shows:​esc|The Evil Stepmothers'​ Club]]) \\ •Most Spurious Accent for Silenus ([[shows:​greek|It'​s All Greek To Me]]) \\ •Best Writer(s) ([[shows:​owth|Off With Their Heads!]]) \\ •Best Song for Hero Be ([[shows:​greek|It'​s All Greek To Me]]) \\ •Best Costume for Silenus ([[shows:​greek|It'​s All Greek To Me]]) \\ •Best Best Prop for Rules of Bridge ([[shows:​owth|Off With Their Heads!]]) \\ •Best Worst Line-Learner ([[shows:​greek|It'​s All Greek To Me]]) \\ •The 'Ooh you luvvie'​ Award for Actually Being Able to Act for Silenus ([[shows:​greek|It'​s All Greek To Me]]) \\ •The '​Beyond the Call of Duty' Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty for Standing in as Top Trump at the last minute when Georgie was called unexpectedly to Madagascar ([[shows:​owth|Off With Their Heads!]])| 
 +|2018|•Best Marketing Campaign ([[shows:​plaice|A Plaice in the Sun]]) \\ •Best Worst Prop for the Explosion Rubble ([[shows:​plaice|A Plaice in the Sun]])| 
 +|2019|•Best Audience Participation/​Heckle for "​Benjamin!"​ ([[shows:​scones|Scones in the Morning]]) \\ •Best Audience Participation/​Heckle for "​It'​s not a dark secret, it's a moustache"​ ([[shows:​scones|Scones in the Morning]]) \\ •Best Quote from a Script for “I AM IN PEAK PHYSICAL CONDITION FOR MURDER” ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]]) \\ •Best Quote from a Script for “I AM ALSO CONFUSED BY THIS” ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]]) \\ •Best Quote from a Script for “I'm millennia old dad, I know about sex.” ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]])|
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