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 ====== Georgia Watkins ====== ====== Georgia Watkins ======
-**User Level** :+**User Level** : ÜberOUlE
 \\ \\
 **Colleges** : **Colleges** :
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   *[[member:​Leo Tucker]]   *[[member:​Leo Tucker]]
 +  *Olivia Boyd
 ==== Shows ==== ==== Shows ====
 |**Term**|**Show**|**Part/​Role**| |**Term**|**Show**|**Part/​Role**|
 |Michaelmas 2018|[[shows:​aladdin3|Aladdin]]|Wishee Washee| |Michaelmas 2018|[[shows:​aladdin3|Aladdin]]|Wishee Washee|
 +|Hilary 2019|[[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies At The End]]|Death|
 +==== Flosscar Wins ====
 +|2019|•Best Couple for Hel and Death ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]]) \\ •Best Cock-Up During a Performance for "Your girlfriend made me feel things..."​ instead of granddaughter ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]]) \\ •The "Ooh You Luvvie"​ Award for Actually Being Able to Act for Wishee Washee and Death ([[shows:​aladdin3|Aladdin]] and [[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]])|
 +==== Flosscar Nominations ====
 +|2019|•Best Heroic Character for Wishee Washee ([[shows:​aladdin3|Aladdin]]) \\ •Best Heroic Character for Death ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]]) \\ •Best Group/​Double Act for the Four Horsemen ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]]) \\ •Best Spurious Accent for Wishee "​Filthy Pizza Child" Washee ([[shows:​aladdin3|Aladdin]]) \\ •Best Performance of a Song for the Death Tango ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]]) \\ •Best Cock-Up During a Performance for forgetting to go on for her scene because she was so ready for the next scene ([[shows:​aladdin3|Aladdin]]) \\ •Best Cock-Up During a Performance for the scrambling up of the first scene ([[shows:​edate|Everyone Dies at the End]]) \\ •Best Cock-Up Backstage or During a Rehearsal for corpsing at "​Filthy Pizza Child" every time ([[shows:​aladdin3|Aladdin]])|
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